Master (Gospodar)

İngilizce translation


If I didn’t bow down
who would pat me on the head?
How would I know what to do at all
If he didn’t forbid me?
Everyone needs a master,
everyone finds a menthor,
so even if one is useless,
someone knows how to use him.
Ah! Master...
another swing.
How would I ever came across the street
if he didn’t show me the way?
Or find a bride
if he didn’t put me to sleep?
Everyone needs a master,
everyone finds a god,
so even if one has no feelings,
someone loves him already.
Ah! Master...
another swing.
Who would I easily die for
if he wasn’t all I’ve got?
How would I easily deny
if he didn’t teach me how to lie?
Everyone needs a master,
everyone finds a leader,
so even if one doesn’t know
how to lie and breathe at the same time,
he’s got someone to die for.
Ah! Master...
another swing.
To be able to tell this song
I was allowed by the master
when I met him in a dream,
and I gave him myself as a gift.
Everyone needs a master,
everyone finds a fürer,
so even if one knows nothing,
a whip will be found for him.
Ah! Master...
another swing,
another electroshock...
(translated by Gavrilo Došen)
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