Whatever (Her Neyse)

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if i could ever relieve a bit (loosen my ribcage)
and then touch and make my heart stop (because it is full of you)
the place u left empty cannot be replaced by anything
for every minute I live, I sigh
whatever, i missed you that much
there is an empty thinking ballon above my head ( like the ones in caricatures)
after you are gone , it remained empty
the place u left empty canot be replaced by
even if I want to run to you, the life holds me not to
whatever, i missed you that much
i could not become a poem
i could not suit your rhyme
you ran away but I could not find the right word to make you stay
the place u left emty cannot be replaced
for every minute i have to sigh
whatever it is
I missed you
whatever it is
how can I stand such a life?
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