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I'm falling

High up there I stand in time;
in the green, beautifull and warm,
strong tree crown, in white skies,
surrounded by the beautifull and friendly few.
I'm falling.
(all the way) Down.
High up there I stand in time;
in the top of the worldtrees crone.
From high up there I am falling from time;
down in the bottomless, empty and timeless.
In the fall the trees bark canges form.
Branches and twigs, leaf and nuts,
hurries past me in violent speed.
The roots and the ground approaches.
My time runs away and down to another place.
Inn to death, out from death.
Inn to life, out from life.
Down and across the river.
wich has no source.
Inn to darkness out from darkness.
Inn to the cold and out from the cold.
Through time, out from time;
where the gods smile.
I drink from oblivion's river,
I rudder dry across the sea of hate;
sails with the wind in my back,
to the ending, start and meaning of might.
Sagflis kullanıcısı tarafından Cum, 27/04/2012 - 14:28 tarihinde eklendi
Added in reply to request by Tequilasunrise
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I'm sure someone can find/do a better translation of this line: "I fallet endrer treets bark form." → "In the fall the trees bark canges form." but I think it's adequate.


Jeg Faller

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Sagflis    Cum, 27/04/2012 - 14:43

I think I must add that this "In the fall the trees bark canges form." says that the bark on the worldtree changes form while he/she's falling down, not that the bark changes for when it's fall (the season, for example summmer).

Berliner25    Cum, 27/04/2012 - 15:14

A couple of things to check:
-verdenstreets krone: "krone" is "crown" not crone
-"canges" should be "changes"
-one solution for "I fallet" is to use the gerund form, "in falling..."
-"hurries" should be in the plural form: branches and twigs, leaves and nuts "hurry" past
-"leafs" is the incorrect plural form: use "leaves"
-"Inn to...Inn to": use "into" instead of "Inn to"
-"wich" should be spelled "which"

I hope this is helpful.