My summer [ To Kalokairi Mou (Το καλοκαίρι μου) ]

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My summer

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Yes, tell me yes for everything,
Beautiful blue eyes,
And the night will be complete.
Don't, don't think of it for a second
End the hesitations
Let's go to the top...
And if you are the sea,
I'll hug you
And if you are the wind,
I'll hold you
And if tomorrow
Is in my hands,
You'll always be
My summer
What, what do I have to do
One simple movement
Makes the movie play
How, how do I say it otherwise
Were going full speed
Until we see light
And if you are the sea,
I'll hug you
Give me pne kiss
What I remember
I will forget
And your name
and my old life
And if you are the sea,
I'll hug you...
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Love this song!!


To Kalokairi Mou (Το καλοκαίρι μου)