The Betrayal (La Tracion)

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The Betrayal

I'd like to get close to you, but a reason stops me.
Hidden as deep as shoud be.
I'd like to win time back.
And not let anything get between you and me.
Save me, wake me up again, and not closing my eyes.
Without knowing if you'll be with me at dawn...!
Kiss me, until madness...
I want to get lost in your senses, so I don't know who I am and what I [am afraid to be]*
Wake me up again, I can't lose you...!
LornaZ kullanıcısı tarafından Pzr, 19/02/2012 - 04:05 tarihinde eklendi
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I guess it says "y lo que temo ser" instead of "y lo que te mosce", because "mosce" is not an actual word.... cheers!


La Tracion

Quisiera acercar me a ti, pero me enfrena una razon.
Oculta lo mas profundo debe ser.
Quisiera devolver el tiempo en mi favor.
Y no dejar que nada se interponga enter tu y yo.


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