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In the bed you're mighty;
Do you rotate them nightly?
And do you want more?
Ah, MMA1 (x2)
All of your poses, all of your one-night stands
Remind me a little of MMA.
The chicks you're chasing at night
Say: Ah, lele-ley (x2)
You're walking confidently
And chasing them brutally.
You're the new villain!
Ah, MMA (x2)
All your poses, all of your one-night stands
Remind me a little of MMA.
The chicks you're chasing at night
Say: Ah, lele-ley (x4)
  • 1. MMA = Mixed Martial Arts, free fights with no rules
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fulicasenia5 yıl 2 gün
fulicasenia     Mart 24th, 2012

Great translation!

My dictionary has 'rotate' for 'Въртиш.' This would make sense in English if he is getting a new woman every night; like a volleyball team rotates positions; it also kind of fits the MMA/sports theme. I would also suggest nightly (every night) for the weak rhyme and the sense:
"Do you rotate them nightly?"

"Slightly remind me of MMA" sounds a little too formal in this context. I would put:
"Remind me a little of MMA"

"And chasing brutally" sounds a little weird because one expects 'chasing' to be transitive. You could put:
"And chasing them brutally."

fulicasenia     Mart 24th, 2012

kdravia     Mart 24th, 2012

Corrections are made according to fulicasenia's remarks.

hinotori2772     Mart 28th, 2012

"Въртиш ли ги нощем" meaning is "Do you f*ck them at night"... in Bulgarian one can use virtually any verb with a meaning of "f*ck" depending on the context.

"Do you rotate them at night/nightly?" is just a literal (word-for-word) translation.

kdravia     Mart 28th, 2012

It could mean both things and I choose to stick to rotate or change. In the chorus he sings about one-night stands and thus it makes sense about rotation. I don't agree it's word-for-word translation. There is a conversation above about this and this translation was suggested by native english speaker because it sounds better in English.

hinotori2772     Mart 28th, 2012

Actually you're right, it's not word-for-word because "nightly" here means "every night", and the Bulgarian "нощем" means "during the night"... the true mighty Bulgarian would rotate chicks several times during the same night Laughing out loud not waiting for the next night.
Anyway, just wanted to give our English friend an alternative look Smile