Ludwig van Beethoven - Ode an die Freude (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Ode to Joy ( freedom)

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O friends, not these sounds!
But leave us with some more pleasurable
and more joyful.
Joy! Joy!
O, beautiful spark of the gods,
Daughter from Elysium,
We enter, drunk with fire,
Heavenly One, thy sanctuary!
Your magic binds again
What convention strictly divides;*
All people become brothers,*
Where your gentle wing abides.
Who has succeeded in the great attempt,
To be a friend's friend,
Whoever has won a lovely woman,
Add his to the jubilation!
Indeed, who calls even one soul
Theirs upon this world!
And whoever never managed, shall steal himself
Weeping away from this union!
All creatures drink of joy
At nature's breast.
Just and unjust
Alike taste of her gift;
She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
A tried friend to the end.
[Even] the worm has been granted sensuality,
And the cherub stands before God!
Gladly, as His heavenly bodies fly
On their courses through the heavens,
Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
As a hero going into conquest.
You millions, I embrace you.
This kiss is for all the world!
Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.
Do you fall in worship, you millions?
World, do you know your creator?
Seek him in the heavens;
Above the stars must He dwell.
You millions, I embrace you.
This kiss is for all the world!
Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.
Be embraced,
This kiss is for the whole world!
Joy, beautiful spark of the gods
Daughter from Elysium,
Joy, beautiful gods, gods.
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Revisions[edit] WIKIPEDIA:
The lines marked with * have been revised as follows:

Original Revised Translation of original Translation of revision Comment
was der Mode Schwerd geteilt Was die Mode streng geteilt what the sword of custom divided What custom strictly divided The original meaning of Mode was "custom, contemporary taste".[8]
Bettler werden Fürstenbrüder Alle Menschen werden Brüder beggars become brothers of lords All people become brothers


Ode an die Freude

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