I want to (Pozelim)

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I want to

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Golden autumn winds
still lace you in my hair
sorrow threatens me with your name
and is set like a sword in stone
I say the worst things
about you to myself
but even if I were a better man
you wouldn't love me
I want to cuddle up with you a little
even if my heart would stop
I want you my dear
even if it would be the last thing I did
I want to cuddle up with you a little
even if my heart would stop
I want you my dear
I haven't seen you for a long, long time
We've stopped half way
and our dreams have scattered
and everything I own now and in the future
I still estimate it with you
My desire for you
is as deep as the sea
my heart still throbs with excitement
because it's ageless
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Zlatni vjetrovi s jeseni
u moju kosu jos te zaplicu,
tuga zaprijeti tvojim imenom
i stoji ko' mac u kamenu.


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Miley_Lovato4 yıl 48 hafta
    Mart 18th, 2012

Pozelim da se stisnem malo uz tebe - I want to snuggle up to you
or I want to cuddle up a little closer to you

Srce mi igra - my heart throbs with excitement
Srce nema bore - Heart has no age

MayGoLoco     Mart 18th, 2012

Thnx for the suggestions Nenna!

Last night I couldn't come up with the word cuddle, so I just wrote squeeze Tongue

    Mart 18th, 2012

I hope it's ok. I just wanted to sound more poetic.
Your translation is good. Smile

MayGoLoco     Mart 18th, 2012

Thnx! Of course it's okay, I really liked the 'throbs with excitement' suggestion you gave Wink