Son Yorumlar

  • Fary
    Alkuperäisissä lyriikoissa oli virheitä vähän siellä ja täällä, jotka on nyt toivon mukaan korjattu. Voisitko siis tarkistaa käännöksesi?
  • whalebone
    Ah yes, I missed 'the thirst for revenge' line. Thanks! :)
  • Fary
    Hei, alkuperäisiä lyriikoita on päivitetty, joten voisitko tarkistaa käännöksesi?
  • irresanna
    Εξαιρετική μετάφραση!
  • Malivone
    J'ai enlevé les (* à ***) qui sont finalement superflus... เบญ [bayn] est certainement le diminutif de son prénom : (désolée, j'ai changé l'orthographe en passant et j'ai aussi descend...  daha fazla
  • pro_bono
    Da un punto di vista inglese, se mi permettete: "What you tried so not to show" ~ "Che cosa hai cercato così tanto di nascondere" "Something in my soul just cried" ~ "Qualcosa dentro di me semp...  daha fazla
  • infiity13
    Hello and Welcome!!Nice to meet you! :)
  • Sciera
    Ich bin zwar kein Bayer oder Österreicher, sondern Rheinhesse, aber ich versteh das als "na, dann unterhalt dich mal ein bisschen mit ihr". "Schmök" bedeutet, denk ich, in etwa soviel wie "Smalltalk...  daha fazla
  • Jihyun Park
    Oh, you came again I deeply appreciate you for your corrections Thank you *that means.. until we get tired, weary, i tried writing
  • Jihyun Park
    okay, thanks!
  • nattuggla
    Dänisch und Schwedisch sind eigentlich sehr ähnlich;)
  • nattuggla
    Thank you for the correction, I can only understand some Swedish and so I had little problems with the Danish ;)
  • roster 31
    O.K. Evan, 1. I couldn't say "make you swallow" because I use that word further down, where it's needed. 2. "La verdad no engorda" is an expression I never heard (etimología mejicana), but it goes ...  daha fazla
  • Coopysnoopy
    Hi, please don't feel embarrassed; I just want to help you learning German! I think, this version could eventually satisfy you: Wir machen die Reise zum Glück Schau, das Lächeln steht dir ...  daha fazla
  • Knee427
    Oh, so 'Arabic Dream' is the name of the song? I thought it was the artist, but anyway. I'm not an Arabic speaker so I can't say which is the correct artist name. But 'many artists' is logically wr...  daha fazla
  • Coopysnoopy
  • Coopysnoopy
    Welcome! May I ask you: Do you want to learn a language, and if yes, which one?
  • Ademy
    C'est pas facile :)
  • zanzara
    du sollst genau so bleiben=Měla by jsi zůstat (stejná? takova jaka jsi?) du fehlst mir jeden Tag=že mě cítíš každý den (že mi chybíš každý den)...? Ale přes ty maličkostí velmi s...  daha fazla
  • Hampsicora
    Ti sei confrontato con i verbi congiuntivi e condizionali, la parte più difficile della grammatica italiana! Perciò non preoccuparti se ti do qualche consiglio, ci sono anche molti italiani che si ...  daha fazla
  • Hampsicora
    Bravo Evan, questa traduzione è un’impresa eroica!
  • zanzara
  • Coopysnoopy
    So she told me, but I am yet surprised. :party:
  • Thunderoad
    Yes it is . I just forgot to correct it in the original lyrics .
  • Valeriu Raut
    Digo que robó lleva acento, pero no la palabra mí.
  • Hampsicora
    Oh sì, soprattutto i Lord inglesi sono molto laboriosi, come i cani (italiani) 8)
  • pro_bono
    E non solo i cani... :p Ho sentito parlare di qualcuno che lavora come una bestia.
  • Hampsicora
    If I can suggest you a less literal translation, I'd say: on my knees > hincado de rodillas
  • Hampsicora
  • Hampsicora
    E' strano come si possa tradurre in italiano "work like a dog". Da voi si dice lavorare come un bue? Noi di solito diciamo lavorare come un asino (o come uno schiavo), e diciamo anche "poltrone come ...  daha fazla
  • Hampsicora
    Grazie Raniero, è una bella traduzione :)
  • MattScan
    "Slashing the hell 'or' the vile killed the candor". It is not or but 'where', that is où.
  • roster 31
    Quité la coma, pero ¿por qué crees que "robó" no lleva acento? El abrazo siempre viene bien. Puede que en el sur de España haga buen tiempo. En mi pueblo han tenido muy mal invierno, y las ...  daha fazla
  • Dirk McQuickly
    Why is every word in capital letters? It hurts my eyes.
  • Hampsicora
    Thank you so much for your help but I'm afraid this time I can't agree with your suggestions. Serbidora (Italian cameriera or domestica) is a maid who makes home works at the service of the lady of t...  daha fazla
  • pro_bono
    There are two options there, which one do you agree to?
  • annabellanna
    [quote=Coopysnoopy]This phrase is from the song "Un uomo libero". I wonder whether it means "I sell my whole life" or something like "I sell me with all I have to life."[/quote] I agree!!
  • mt1014
    Russian? I wonder :)) Why Russian lyrics are used in romanian song?
  • Joutsenpoika
    This song is a cover of Moustaki's song. And spelling mistakes, ‘les eaux de mars*’ (no capital letter).
  • azucarinho
    Plane everything that you do = Plan ... ?
  • Hampsicora
    Thank you for reply, I got confused with the German "Bullauge" and the Catalan "ull de bou". But also the "oeil-de-boeuf" is a round window. This can happen when you pass from one to another language...  daha fazla
  • sallie81
    "Yo no soy muneca que no opina" This should be "muñeca" which then means "I am not a doll that doesn't think"
  • ibenfifi
    Will do. thank you for the update!
  • Future Dr. Juanita
    Mais de rien! ;)
  • Bror
    Haha, no I am the one who ought to be sorry. My mistake. I might have helped you a bit though, since Nattuggla seems to understand Swedish quite well, and therefore they understand Dänish and Norwegi...  daha fazla
  • zanzara
  • Munir
    Thanks, Ahkhatri! For Urdu translation. Plz translate also Nago Nago,
  • tanyas2882
    Обычно говорят "просто, как дважды два" ( а не "два на два"). Для иностранцев лучше написать словами, а не цифрами...  daha fazla
  • Sara Ba
    The song exists here: Add the transliteration and English requests and people will help you.
  • Dalida
    Multumesc Valeriu esti atent si amabil.
  • Sara Ba
    I remember this when i was a kid, it touched me, and avoided watching it again because it makes me feel sad .. it was an amazing song, very encouraging words, thank you for adding it here :)