Rules on the Street (Rojou no RULE)

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Rules on the Street

Abandon everything you know right from the start,
If you've intended for your dreams to start fresh on the street
For however long you've flowed, now it's your true self
Each time you search within the harmony, look, you're caught up in it
There's just an excuse in that smile gazing back at me
Everything has vanished in the twinkling of stars on this mixed up night
Underneath the glow of the town, someone shuts their eyes as the darkness lingers
If your sweat flows fervently, it's just the music unable to stop
Even this night is lighted in the glow of the town
I smile within my sigh, as I search for your smiling face
I lick my wounds, rolling off the side of Hyena Way*
What the heck am I hanging around for?
Already I'm aware it's just stupidity, without warning
But since I'm mad with desire, I can't get out of it
Even though it seems we've lost so much
There's a smile on my face, swollen with fatigue, at the act of holding you
Left behind on the river bank, I gaze at the glow of the town
Memories strangle my heart
Wrapped up in the moon, howling in the darkness, atonement seizes me
I face them and sing
I'm waiting to go down on hands & knees, for the whole victory or defeat
The stars gently sway in the wind, and I smile just a bit
Searching for your smiling face
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*it sounds strange, but I'm sure the grammar is saying it's a street name, rather than describing him "rolling around like a hyena (in the way of a hyena)"... which sounds just as strange, I guess.

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Rojou no RULE

洗いざらいを捨てちまって 何もかもはじめから
やり直すつもりだったと 街では夢が
もう どれくらい流れたろう 今じゃ本当の自分
捜すたび 調和の中で ほら こんがらがってる
互い見すかした笑いの中で 言訳のつくものだけを
すり替える夜 瞬きの中に 何もかも消えちまう


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