Shaarimoth - Altar of Becoming lyrics request

  • Şarkıcı: Shaarimoth
  • Şarkı: Altar of Becoming
  • Dil: İngilizce

The song in question starts at 40:42
I already transcribed most of it, but I have problems understanding the penultimate line, nor can I make out what is spoken in the background.

Hear now, chain of the eternal night
Walk the path of madness
Blood will be shed
We'll sacrifice upon the altar of becoming
Commit to the fire
Piece by piece, bone upon bone,
brick by brick, stone by stone
Destroy any bone upon the altar of becoming
Enter into the temple and see
Take(?) hold of the ? of the altar
Enter into the temple and see

Also, the booklet contains not the lyrics but a quote instead:

"What makes us free is the Gnosis
of what we were,
of what we have become;
of where we were,
of wherein we have been cast;
of whereto we speed,
of wherefrom we are redeemed;
of what birth really is,
and of what rebirth truly is."