Or You Like Me, Or You Don't (Sim ou Não)

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Or You Like Me, Or You Don't

Among all the subjects
You always say the same things
Everything you see
It isn't a big deal
You say "Hello" to every guy
Always the same way
You kiss every face you see
With the same kiss
Even so, you don't commit yourself
But you don't satisfy yourself anyway
If you don't want me
Then how come you can't leave me alone
Because for me
Or you like me or you don't
I don't like undecided people
Love words coming out of your mouth
They seem useless
Flavourless kisses
You're so used to them
You drink a cup of water
The same way as you drink a chalice of wine
You hit me with the same nonchalance
You use to caress me
But if you want to stay with me
Or if you want to leave me, I don't care
It's better to go away
Without looking back
Because for me
Or you like me or you don't
I don't like undecided people
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