Make up dreams [ Sochinyay mechty (Сочиняй мечты) ]

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Make up dreams

When you did not understand if you should be
Harsh or cool, free or married.
Witty or simple,
And when you do not know where you belong to in the system.
When you do not know how to say everything
When you try to seem and you can ride the hare (?! literally).
When you are dressed in what you do not like
But its the way you wanted - more pathos.
When you dream of a cherished love,
And when you fall in love with everything you see.
When forsake offended, and in my heart you cry
When you do not know all, but one spark is enough.
When you are dependent, have no money, and imagining that day,
When everything is the way you want, but now you can do nothing.
When the sudden gusts of your body is volatile,
It should be kept at anchor, so it doesn't fly away.
Then make up dreams,
There are millions of chances that all will soon come true.
When you can swear, so when you can be lost in daydreams
so that you feel the trembling in your heart when you love dancing.
When you and those assholes like
Are painting something on the facade of administration building.
When suddenly it seems that the whole world
You're the one chosen, and your friend, too.
When a virgin - is a swear word,
When a woman can be replaced even by cuttlefish.
When for some reason went to study to the wrong department,
When the parental authority weakened .
When did the correct conclusions, though still wrong ones.
When you can believe every any nonsense.
When you are with a friend, you liked most among all your friends ,
And you are not allowed to register in the hotel.
When it takes couple of weeks to learn a new sport -
When you want your life to have a purpose.
Then make up dreams,
There are millions of chances that all will soon come true.
When you live by its principles and peace be unto thee a sign,
You have what you have and forget about everything else.
When tired, when there is no new anything and anybody,
Suddenly you see someone's youthful impulse to heroic jerk.
Nostalgia attack right up to tears, I do not know why
But there is something that we can not mourn, remembering.
His broad gusts, from which all further
And comparing with my life taking place.
Always compose dreams
There are millions of chances that all will soon come true.
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Sochinyay mechty (Сочиняй мечты)

Когда еще не понял, каким быть надо
Суровым или прикольным, свободным или женатым.
Хитровыдуманным или простоватым,
И когда ты в системе еще не расставил координаты.
Когда не знаешь как сказать все,
Когда пытаешься казаться и можешь кататься зайцем.
Когда одет в то, что тебе не нравится


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