Everything that was [ Wsyo, shto bylo (Всё, что было) ]

İngilizce translation

Everything that was

The door is closed and leaden woe
Pain in my soul, as if death was close
Just one step could solve it all
Now that you're my enemy, I don't know how to live
How to live on
A magician foretold sadness
A long way in stormy vastness
Like a beast the smoke he sensed the misery
The door is closed, showers of rain cover every trace
As you want it
Everything that was - my light, clean and holy
Everything that will be - my doom, greedy and blind
Everything that will be - my cross, seven times I run in circles through fiery desert
Your voice goes astray here
Day and night it echoes within me
I beseech you, set me free
But behind glass I can still see your eyes
Your eyes
In a dream I saw you brought your heart into this house
Pain faded, and fear died in my soul
But the door is closed and fear alive
I am cursed and damned
Leaden woe - so death seems to come close
So death comes close
As if I was doomed
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Wsyo, shto bylo (Всё, что было)

Дверь на ключ и свинцом тоска
Боль в душе словно смерть близка
Один лишь шаг может всё решить
Теперь ты враг, я не знаю как мне жить
Как дальше жить
Мне колдун предсказал печаль
Долгий путь в грозовую даль


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