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Low Yom Be3adi (لو يوم بيعدي)

Law youm by3di, 3alaya min gher ma bakoon waya

El-Dunya ma teb2ash dunya gher lama ala2eeny ma3ak

Agmal Ayyam, Min 3omri 2adit'ha fi 7odna 3inak

ba2a ba3dy da kollu n2ooly ana 2alby ma 7asish bik(a?)

es2all da 2atak w 7iyatak min elly 7ayatu fidy 7ayatak

min bas 7abeebu ykoon ganbu w yi2dar yinsah


ba2a ya3ni 3aizny 2a2olhalka bahwak aktar min elly fi balak

Inta ally b3eesh leih w ba7ebu ma2darsh 2ansa aaaaah

Ana 2alby ifar2 7odny law 7odnak mosh hwaleih

ya 7abiby law inta tasebny meen gherak 7amel eih

ma n2oolshey ya 7abeeby 2alby en ana 7ab3eed wansak

Ana rou7y 3anaya w 2alby 3ayshin dayma lehwak

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If a day psses that I am not near him

This world becomes unbearable until I am with him

The best days of my life were those where I was in your arms

And after all of that you come to say that I never cared for you

Ask the beats of your heart and your life who made you their priority

Who can have their lover by them and forget them so easily?

Now you want me to tell you "I love you" more than what's on your mind

I am not the type who can live and forget the one I love so easily

My heart separates from my chest when I don't find you near

My dear, if you were to leave me without you, what would I do?

Don't ever say, my darling, that I would leave you and forget you

My soul, my eyes, and my heart all belong to your love

Розміщено Daydream, Птн, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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