So that it will last all year


Pa' todo el año

Soñé que te engañaba
Con una paloma blanca...
Me desperté cantando
Y vi que tú ya no estabas

Por tu amor que tanto quiero y tanto extraño
Que me sirvan otra copa y muchas más
Que me sirvan de una vez pa' todo el año
Que me pienso seriamente emborrachar...

Si te cuentan que me vieron muy borracha
Orgullosamente diles que es por ti
Porque yo tendré el valor de no negarlo
Gritaré que por tu amor me estoy matando
Y sabrán que por tus besos me perdí...

Para de hoy en adelante el amor no me interesa
Cantaré por todo el mundo mi dolor y mi tristeza
Porque sé que de este golpe ya no voy a levantarme
Y aunque yo no lo quisiera, voy a morirme de amor...


So that it will last all year

I dreamt of deceiving you
With a white dove
I woke up singing
And I saw that you weren't here anymore

For your love that I want and miss so much
May they pour me another drink, many more
They should do it so that it will last all year
Because I intend to get really drunk

If they tell you they saw me totally wasted
Tell them proudly that it was because of you
Because I'll have the courage not to deny it
I will yell that I'm killing myself because of your love
And they will know that I lost myself because of your kisses...

From today on, love doesn't matter to me
I'll sing about my pain and my sorrow all through the world
Because I know I won't be able to get on my feet after this blow
And even if I don't want to, I will die from love

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