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  • Grampa Wild Willy
  • crimson_antics
  • Grampa Wild Willy
    Tu ne peux pas dire quelque chose avec "par pitié" ?
  • Marinka
    Нет, отдыхать всё-таки надо, а то быстро попадем на тот свет :glasses:
  • barsiscev
    спасибо, Марина. На том свете отдохнёт...
  • crimson_antics
    Oui je sais, mais ici on ne peut pas vraiment mettre 'pitié' comme adjectif.
  • makis17
  • kopite18
    de rien ;) , you're welcome
  • Jethro Paris
  • JackDija
  • kopite18
    I'm pretty sure the lyric should be : " bright and early next morning..."
  • filip_translator
    Why is the third line in the 5th verse not "Sino ke venish"? :)
  • Valeriu Raut
    Hola Elen, Lástima que tu letra una versión acortada de esta canción mexicana tradicional: parece en burla o infantil. La versión original es seria y tiene de todo, incluso tristeza. Aquí pued...  ще
  • Coopysnoopy
    You forgot the accents: Non provocarmi mai non provocarmi mai o scoppia la guerra tra noi femminilità son d’accordo ma ma non marciarci sai non distruggere questo amore mai è tutto ciò...  ще
  • Grampa Wild Willy
    Ça t'aider à te rappeler > t'aide Et peut-être cela va t'aider: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=500852. Moi, je n'ai pas grande confiance en cela. Wikipedia a
  • Grampa Wild Willy
    Pity fucks > Encore une fois, le nom est "fucks" et "pity" a la valeur d'un adjectif. Le sens est que quelqu'un te prend en pitié et t'invite à prendre ton plaisir entre ses jambes. La motivation ...  ще
  • Grampa Wild Willy
    Stand and take a fight > "Stand" ici ne veux pas dire léve-toi de ton siège. C'est plutôt cesse de t'enfuir. Prends un position. Agis avec courage. Aie du coeur. Fais face à la situation. Re...  ще
  • filip_translator
  • filip_translator
    Alright, I've fixed all the mistakes... hmm.. I've decided to not do translations when I don't sleep whole night... I write stupid things... Of course it doesn't mean anything, it's wrong.. xDD "The z...  ще
  • filip_translator
    thanks LOL how could I misspell Kaaba? xDD damn.. I was tired....
  • lolaismy
    You translated this very well! Your word and verb choice are particular to your understanding of the french side and I like it! The "Si ça s'évapore pour rejoindre le néant" could be translated t...  ще
  • pro_bono
    Salve Valeriu! Non c'è di che. Saluti
  • Joutsenpoika
    Il y a encore quelques oublis : There are still some mistakes: Qui s'enfuit déjà* À* savoir comment À* coup de pourquoi Où* il ne pleut pas À* te regarder
  • celalkabadayi
    I think the translation of "Yo no sé porque tuviste Que adueñarte así de mí" can't be "I do not know because you had That do you take possession of me"
  • iamladyvanity
    It's actually 180 daraga, not dagara, I'm not sure how to correct this?
  • AussieJunkie
    Sehr schöne Übersetzung. Zwei klitzekleine Anmerkungen hätte ich allerdings noch. "herauszögern" -> hinauszögern "Lord" -> Herr
  • Sciera
    It is written that way since I already corrected it to that - you had only written the Latin letters (as you can see in the URL), and those in all caps. It's not the only song were you did such, but ...  ще
  • beast-senior 810
    You're welcome. :)
  • AussieJunkie
    You're right, thank you. But meagre is also correct. It's the British spelling. "meager" is the American one.
  • lolaismy
    Thank you for the corrections, didn't catch the and on the last at all! I appreciate it! :D
  • zaz66
    Hi questionanswerer :) Vielen Dank, dass du dir wiederum so viel Mühe gemacht hast, meine Übersetzung zu verbessern, indem du so anschauliche Vorschläge machst. Das ist ja in so einem Forum all...  ще
  • beast-senior 810
    Hello, lolaismy. :) Some comments on the translation: 2nd stanza: You're a bimbo, lazy, dirty child → You're poor (actually, a Japanese word binbo doesn't mean bimbo, it refers to binbou(貧乏...  ще
  • benevoliste
    D'accord. Le renseigner va pour la poésie comme la présente selon moi.
  • jivago
    ¡!¡ Thank you Kopite18 !¡!
  • Dirk McQuickly
    Hi :) I think "kaaba" is كعبة not qubba/قبة The Medina-> Medina Ihram is the white outfit, not the state of mind, I think. And what does "xit mean"? Also ": "تم عقر الل...  ще
  • Katis
  • Valeriu Raut
    Salve pro_bono e grazie. Ho consultato il dizionario. Sorpresa: la parola "lenzuola" ha due plurali. E mi rendo conto che ho sbagliato e che hai ragione. Lenzuolo > ( lenzuola pl f) ( len...  ще
  • Cucci
    I have told you everything already and I won't change my mind: otherwise, there was no need to make all that fuss... You are the boss here - please yourself; it is up to you whether to show mercy to m...  ще
  • spaitens
    Yes, definitely. Thank you.
  • Marinka
    Haдo oтдoxнуть... :glasses:
  • sergei.andreev.7
    lost Φύγαμε κι δυο between Πάμε εμείς μαζί and Άσε να σου πω πόσο σ' αγαπώ
  • Marinka
    Спасибо, Сергей! Ага, так как говорят, что она мать интуиции :glasses:
  • pro_bono
    Salve, in plurale "i lenzuoli" (sheets) oppure "le lenzuola" (pair of bed linen)
  • Vladimiriii
    Multumesc frumos pentru ajutorul!
  • maluca
    Maybe you should add a footnote about who is meant with Rio: Rio Reiser, the singer of the band Ton Steine Scherben Parts of the lyrics are from their song "Wir müssen hier raus" http://lyrics...  ще
  • pro_bono
    Why not just send a message to one of the moderators? They will make the corrections in a flash.
  • Pollux
    Good translation, but the lyrics and the translation need to be less jumbled up.
  • nycdoh
    thanks aussiejunkie
  • adysanu
    Here, put it in there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRDtmCMyi90
  • IvyP1999
    also, I'm not an expert on Norwegian so I could be wrong, but doesn't "mens" mean "while" so it'd be "while the night stands pale and silent"
  • IvyP1999
    it's meager not meagre. :)