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  • MarinaMarisa
    Кто-нибудь, скажите мне, Был ли это Бог иль дьявол, кто наделил телом Софи Ли? Я заплачу вам, если вы скажите, х...  ще
  • Buzhido
  • crimson_antics
    Tu as raison, bien sûr.
  • Valeriu Raut
    Esti trista, dar nu pui un linc, desi pe Internet se afla mai multe. Paunescu a fost un poet bun, dar cu constiinta patata. Nu este de mirare ca nimeni nu se grabeste sa-i traduca poezia grandioasa....  ще
  • ruscornelica
    :( ...sunt trista...chiar nimeni nu e interesat sa traduca aceasta poezie manifest?
  • Valeriu Raut
    Multumesc tsitpirc pentru cele cinci stele galbene. Traducatorul Yves Perret le merita mai mult decât mine. Am ales trei traduceri în limba franceza, si eu le gasesc pe toate trei reusite.
  • Save Me Spider Man
    Sure, no problem! "Kun keskiluokkaa katoaa" should be "Kun keskiluokkaan katoaa". "en ennestään mä huoli" should be "En menneestä mä huoli". There were only two, at first I thought ther...  ще
  • Save Me Spider Man
    Changed it. Thanks for the advice! :)
  • fulicasenia
    I can only guess what song you want transcribed here, since you didn't post a video and a youtube search doesn't turn up an obvious answer. But how about this? It's a lyrics video so you can just copy...  ще
  • Sara Ba
    This is an ENGLISH translation, it shouldn't include any Arabic lines or transliteration please modify.
  • Jansay
    Harika bir çeviri, hiç hata bulamadım. Teşekkürler! Sadece söylemek istediğim bir nokta var: Yazacağınız dipnotları köşeli parantez arasına fn.../fn yazarak üç nokta koyduğum yere ...  ще
  • Aldefina
    Wczoraj na YouTubie oglądałem wywiad z Julio Iglesiasem (dosyć świeży - z zeszłego roku) i dowiedziałem się, że ta piosenka jest ulubioną piosenką Fidela Castro.
  • Grampa Wild Willy
    Oops. J'ai oublié une chose. Et à quoi tu rassembles, > Pas "ressembles?"
  • Grampa Wild Willy
    Merci pour les précisions et les compliments! Tu fais du bon boulot . . . pour me laisser ne jamais avoir à apprendre l'allemand . . .
  • vaffuori
    thanks for your feedback and corrections. But I think you did mistakes, too. Ma comunque grazie mille davvero, I found a chance to make some arrangements :)
  • taurusjp
    "tire" is a slang word for "car" ("voiture" in french). And i correct the end of the translation : "The superstars, the little ladies of Marlene Will get you stuck, Juliet, in la nuit américaine"
  • lasupernova77
  • Satire
    The changes are small, but even so, I'm afraid the original version from tekstowo.pl is more accurate. And the title means "borders" or "boundaries" - there's only one Polish word for both so it's a m...  ще
  • SorcererDannu13
    You're welcome!
  • Knee427
    Done. Thank you for reporting.
  • Fary
    It may not be the best translation, but it isn't done with GT. It's true though that many idioms/terms have been translated literally, for example, but that's an easy mistake to make if you simply don...  ще
  • SorcererDannu13
    Hi! Again it's me, someone can help me to add this video to this song, please? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICizu6uCnUI I hope someone can add me, see you!
  • crimson_antics
    Actually I did mean to use 'rein in', as in he's controling himself/his fertility and used that verb bexause it seemed fitting with the steed thing...although if it doesn't work in English as it does ...  ще
  • Fary
    Jos tuntuu ettei osaa kääntää jotain ilman Google kääntäjän käyttämistä, niin kannattaa miettiä pitäisikö käännöstä tehdä ollenkaan. On muutenkin sivuston sääntöjen vastaista teh...  ще
  • SorcererDannu13
    Hi! Someone can add this video for this song, please? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvtmWRVRFjc See you, I hope you can help me!
  • Kurmis
    Though admittedly my version is not too elegant this one seems to just be translated by Google.
  • Hampsicora
    I hope heartily you're right ...
  • LanguageLove
    Very useful, thanks :)
  • roster 31
    Muy bonita, Vale. Para el último verso del estribillo, ¿qué te parece "pero quédate un poco más"? Y el cuarto verso, ¿no será "todo lo que quieras"?
  • Jethro Paris
    Merci beaucoup :D
  • Knee427
    This translation doesn't match GoogleTranslate's output, so I'm afraid it won't be unpublished. Unfortunately I'm not a Finnish speaker, so I can't say if this translation is accurate or not. I'...  ще
  • Knee427
    Don't mention it. It's correct. ;)
  • Fani1993
    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τη πρόταση σου! :) Μόνο που το ''φτύνεις'', δε με πολυκάθεται καλά το είχα σκεφτεί κι εγώ αλ...  ще
  • roster 31
    Hi Andrzej! Let's complete the comments on this one.. 1. “Andar” versus “venir”. Yes, but there are some differences. "Andar" is the action of walking, and it's used mostly with adjectives ...  ще
  • Valeriu Raut
  • maria.megaludi
    No, it's too much, burn my sun Up in flames we go you fire breather Ash and dust on my door, smoke rise Trying to survive inside your heart Ειναι ποιητικο πολυ οποτε η κ...  ще
  • fulicasenia
    Thanks! :) typo: "So that I could hug you, for I've head enough of sighing" -> "So that I could hug you, for I've *had* enough of sighing"
  • SaraynaChan
    Many thanks for the suggestions! I have edited the translation accordingly and changed my profile. A grateful newbie
  • Fani1993
    [quote]The gods cry, the gods cry when the dog dies, the dog that licked their hands, that looked into their eyes, and that, looking at them, asked: where are we going?[/quote] Uffa, very sensit...  ще
  • Aldefina
    Thank you Vale for your vote :) . And thanks for the correction. Yes, of course this is what I meant.
  • matsQ_
    Sounds actually like translator has put the English lyrics to Google Translate or then there's just idioms which are not translated correctly.
  • Slovakia
  • Sarah.Ahmed.At
    Improving your vocabulary
  • lydia.sh.12
    Thanks a lot for the translations! Have been looking for them a lot time. All the best to you!
  • GianMarco.Tavazzani
    If I came here, is because some shades were still obscure to me and this meaningful song deserves to be understood in all its nuances. And it's just the admiration for this song the gratefulness for ...  ще
  • Tede
    Grazie mille per i suggerimenti! Non lo sapevo proprio :D adesso modifico ^_^ grazie ancora!
  • JoskyMT
    One small correction: I think the word you want in the translation is "reign," not "rein." Aside from that... holy tits. It's very Rammstein in the phrasing. Fitting, if I'm right about Reißenwebe...  ще
  • Joutsenpoika
    Merci ! Eh bien, voilà. J'espère que le sens ne t'a pas déçue. ^^
  • KittyPunk
    Je me suis toujours questionnée sur le sens de la chanson... Sinon, bravo !
  • algebra
    Boa tarde, Érica. Que bela canção e tradução, permita-me algumas sugestões :) Ромашки спрятались, поникли лютики Fecharam-se as macelas, murcharam as francesinh...  ще
  • Joutsenpoika
    Could someone please correct the lyrics? You know, writing them properly and not like a text message. Like this for instance: I saw somebody who Reminded me of you Before you got afraid I wi...  ще