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  • legendarysim
    Thank you I will fix them.
  • SilentRebel83
    Thank you, Knee. I suppose it's safe to have it as Albanian for the time being. And thank you for the work you've put into it.
  • cesarantonio.cejacaballero
    Yo creo que un título adecuado podría ser también jusqu'à la peau. Me duele hasta la piel: J'ai mal jusqu'à la peau.
  • cesarantonio.cejacaballero
    Hi, my native language is Spanish and what Carla is trying to say in this song is that it would be terrible to lose him once again and she is basically saying that if that would ever happen "even her ...  ще
  • Zarathaen
    The translation isn't bad at all, just needs a little work in some spots. 'Fahrt' could mean travel, although I'd take it to literally mean 'drive', in this context. The other thing I'd change would b...  ще
  • Kuntakis
    Rica ederim, sen de Yunanca çeviriler için bana başvurabilirsin :)
  • Opheliakc
    Beni ellerden sayma: beni yabancı olarak görme anlamında ellerim sayıyor olarak çevrilemez :bigsmile:
  • TutkuPassion
    Kais, no problem at all! Ala rasee :) You are so welcome!
  • Kais Alkhateeb
    Harika , çok çok çok teşekkür ederim :D ...
  • Sciera
    Well, here's my translation of the text above: "I've seen the new earth, the sacred of the citizenships oh I've seen the new earth, the sacred of the citizenships, by God I've seen the new heav...  ще
  • kheops
    Merci. Super boulot.
  • Sciera
  • kdravia
    I found this in youtube Terra ad caelum novam sanctum civitatum Deo vidi terra novum O et absterget Deus omnem lacrimam O sanctum civitatum O sanctum civitatum O et terram ad caelum et t...  ще
  • Sciera
    That text doesn't make much sense, does it? I've begun translating it but whoever wrote that doesn't know Latin.
  • whalebone
    Ok, I'll make the changes Thanks for the feedback.
  • Gulalys
    the transcription that I found : Yemo ıltemmu ıl ehliye Kıccevne ıs süryanniyye Leyle farah u ımhebbe Ten ğenni les sıbhiyye Merdin mefi kemehe Ey ked tayyip hevehe Kurban rab...  ще
  • algebra
    Done, thank you very much.
  • Fary
    I noticed two typos in the chorus: "begining" when it should be "beginning" and "disk" instead of "disc". I think your translation is fine though.
  • Sweet Latina
    Creí haber puesto "En proceso" , ya veo que sirve para una mierda esa opción. Qué bien.
  • huron.pliskin
    Thanks, had a brain fart there I think.
  • Andrew Dangerously
    Good translation, just two typos: The sear roars, you're alone -> Typo It smells like fish, you to be content -> (Missed word) You want to be content
  • ValiaSp
    Please correct the language from English to Greek.
  • caillean7
    Sorry, und danke für's ändern :)
  • Sciera
    Du hattest das als Deutsch eingetragen. Korrigiert.
  • Viktoria_4
    It`s not a Korean(( it`s transliteration T.T
  • caillean7
    Thanks, I get the picture :D
  • Fary
    Eipä mitään!
  • Fary
    It refers to a saying - when someone starts acting like they're the best in the world, their ego gets too big etc. it can be said that "hänellä on noussut kusi päähän" (piss has risen to his head...  ще
  • caillean7
    On hienoa tätä kuulla (tai lukea), kiitos paljon :)
  • Fary
    I didn't notice mistakes really, so I'd say it's good :).
  • Andrew Dangerously
    Thank you very much, I am learning German so I translated the song myself to compare for practice. Also my favorite song. =D
  • BssHlw
  • Andrew Dangerously
    That works. Trying to correct a Brit on English is like trying to correct the French on how to make sauces. =p
  • caillean7
    Can I ask you a question, too? About a line from a song I translated? It's 'Taitaa päässäni olla kusta', not sure what this means...
  • Fary
    Yeah, even the original line sounds a little odd in my opinion, but as long as the meaning is conveyed it's fine. And you're welcome as always, let's see if I do some more proofreading today.
  • sacdegemecs
  • evfokas
    Welcome to LT. Very nice translation. Some suggestions Ο ένας λάθος σίγουρα > The one is certainly wrong Τα όνειρά μου ανείπωτα > My dreams (are) untold and (so) ...  ще
  • caillean7
    Yay, you're on a proofreading spree :) I think I know what you mean, sleep will come regardless because of the wine and the pills, right? 'Yet' and 'still' might sound weird, not sure, I thought 'anyw...  ще
  • Fary
    No any big mistakes, but "I hear how sounds are muffled" --> "...sounds are getting muffled". I was also thinking about the line "kun odotettu vielä saapuu" because "vielä" doesn't directly translat...  ще
  • Commonwealth
    O mică recomandare: adaugă turca pe lista limbilor pe care le-ai studiat. Altminteri lumea ar putea crede că ai copiat traducerea de pe ceva site - mulţi, din păcate, fac aşa...
  • Andrew Dangerously
    In the show, part of it is in English, and has terrible grammar. The singer says, "Let's Fighting Love" which isn't correct in English either. So I kept the noun instead of the verb in the translation...  ще
  • Commonwealth
    Thank you! Regarding the first suggestion, however, I'm going to stick to my interpretation since I'm somewhat more used to British English than to American :">.
  • teriblimi
    I really like this song and I liked the movie it is from :D
  • elmetli
    Cпасибо! Ни ты НЕ рассказала о своем горе, ни я НЕ поверил в (свою) любовь - в таких конструкциях глаголы должн...  ще
  • robert.tucker.794
    I left the "already" out deliberately too. In English it sounds or looks obvious (to me) that it would be "already" that they had sworn to each other. I think you would need the past perfect in Englis...  ще
  • Sciera
    I've removed all these URLs from your comment. Not sure whether spam or serious question...
  • Sciera
    I'll give the romaji version an entry of its own.
  • Sciera
    That partly souds like a machine translation, and it seems to be based on the (rather free) English translation, not the Japanese text... Or is the wrong grammar intentional? Well, supposing that's...  ще
  • TutkuPassion
    Sorry Sara :( unfortunately there is no thorough description of what song it could be because you only know that there is dancing in the video it is very hard to narrow it down our of the thousands of...  ще
  • bojan.milutinovic11
    Чупи след мен от самота- глагол ЧУПЯ значи сломити, разбити. Твој превод "Napravi pauzu od samoće posle mene" је апсурдан. че ...  ще
  • bojan.milutinovic11
    Баш лош превод, али добро.