Капитан (Captain) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجمالإنكليزية


النسخ: #1#2
Refrain (x2):
Lost ourselves. We don’t need anything.
Manna team wizard1go all-in.
And the zombie playfully entertains public2 with beat in the pubs.
The dead captain fought for bravado3,
and poured sadness with not finised acapellas.
Catch it for life. What, you don’t like?
Verse 14:
World of fucking antennas at the hour of change will reduce the urban day.
I wasn't ready to repress this love, I was turning gray.
I hate myself, but live every day.
Only the black clouds and the shadow of fable, this world didn't want to know me, it've burned down for me. Kill me, bury my body, I'm not waiting for changes.
I’m fed up with all, in particular, with myself. I've given the word not to forget for whom I live, but I'm a scum, and an asshole, and a villain. I haven't kept it.
I've fully occupied days; the music-fool, beat me with the help of crowds, but what’s the point?
I can't die. Forget my name, forget me.
Refrain (x2)
Verse 2:
Say, this is rushs on rails.
Tesla've turned the world. We play pranks.
Sing as if God would sing.
These are the shores of the Master of East5.
Here's the deal: is either you or stop.
Throw water on me if there's a burn.
Somebody good and evil saves,
it could be resolved with bullets(?).
I’m a portrait on the wall, not beaten completely.
Either a mannequin or a man.
Don't trust him. Don't trust him.
Don't trust him. Don't trust him.
Never believe him.
Instead of it, I was drafting the lyrics.
The affair of change, I've experienced a lot of dreaming,
аnd I've supported this love and I've maneuvered again.
He's a windbag, they said to spite me.
Refrain (x4)
  • 1. it may be an allusion to the "Dreams of Dragons and Fantasies of Fairy Flight and Light" book
  • 2. no verb in this phrase, so “entertain” is just fantasy of translator
  • 3. may be – for brothers
  • 4. I make indentation between the individual expressions to facilitate the perception
  • 5. presumably, Arabic strategic mobile game
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A person who has lost a child and is exhausted by unwanted attention sings this very depressive and very beautiful song. If it seems to you that the meaning is in some places dark - the way it is, which means that this was the artistic idea. The author is able to speak very clearly when he considers it necessary.

Капитан (Captain)