10 let spustya (10 лет спустя) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

10 years later

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at the begining they were only friends
but later they realized that it was
more serious
they were more than friends
i think that had happened with each of us
they were togeher for many years and she knew him
as he knew her. he'd understand her from the first sight
to find out the reason she is sad now
happiness- is when her caprices are pleasant for you
and you write her letters by sms
you can pick some narsisis in the park when you have no money
you make her a suprise
it finished suddenly in the middle of May
she received a message "i love another girl
i go far away don't wait me baby
i love you no more sorry but it is so"
she was knocking nerviously at his door
but nobody opened her
and a pleasant voice from the phone somehow rude
hundred times says " the subscriber is not available"
his friends knew nothing
they didn't hear about his new love
she was tired going everywhere looking for him
anybody from the universityand from work
knew anything
somebody said he left the work went somewhere
either to America or to Europe
did he deserve her love
she was in depression talked to anybody
she hated him by all her heart, histeria, hospital
she was their for a long time without visitors
even her friends and parents could not see her
after some time we nearly
forgot what we have done and saw
some years later she met another one
and he helped her to be herself
her life changed with his coming
parents blessed her and they got married
and made a wonderful wedding
it was really good
to learn live without him who never spoke to her
during these years
no more cryings,to start a life from a froma white sheet
and many years after
she forgave him let god judge him
if he'd come to her she won't even talked to him
and i think i have to finish this song but....
when her doughter was only five
she received a letter guess from who?
from him and this is after 10 years later
he decided to remember she opened the letter merrily
began to read but soon
her smile dissappeared
she fell on the floor
holding the letter where he wrote
: hello honey if you are reading this well done
10 years ago i could not tell you what i deceided to write
i went suddenly saying smth
that i love another.... no way
i wrote this letter that summer
and asked give it to you when you will forget me
when you forget and when you will be happy
i betrayed you and there is no excuse
this is our fortune who made all this
and you know the most difficult is was to be at home
hearing you cry behind my door
believe me i was crying too
but listen
doctors said that i had a cancer
i have some month and i'm not kidding baby
i never loved another
is it possible to forget your smile and huggs
i'm sorry i did not make you my bride in white
everything was good but so what can i do
i wish all the best i just could not die in your arms
and later you could not be with others you would live with past
sorry i liesd to you but there was no way
it was better for you my best half just let you know i loved you so much
and even now when i'm dying i still love you
god be with you
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10 let spustya (10 лет спустя)

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