5 päivää 5 yötä (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

5 Days 5 nights

The one that sticks to a woman, drowns in it, I smear on paper
as I can't even sleep, I wear a hood over my head, friends smoke pipe
as I close my eyes and again my head spins, stars above make our sky bright, falls apart when you start to behave like a pig and
flirt, I walk near my home and inhale air, world is rough, I try
to be tender with you, 5 ganster days and nights raga easy a-aa always without a crisis
you said " hey sh sh" put friisi 1 made asa easy, I close my eyes in the middle of the song,
I'll begin to talk with you just us two bella, no need to prove anything, I can't even
lie, I like to enjoy with you, look, walk
be lazy on sundays when I can make love
moon needs a sun x3
Feet on the ground, heart almost on the moon, words wait for us to meet
in my mouth, like leaves on a tree, natural habits while cooking
you always wanted salsa food, in the evening Mous Def, in the morning Denith Brown, parents of
different origin made you beautiful even if now there's thousands of kilometers
in between us, sun draws your name with stars, paints around moon,
grabs a spray can, write your message down, still the same dude lives
in his own world, makes mix tapes for you, and your mom probably still
takes me for a lunatic, when you meet the right one you have to make it official, when you meet the right one
kneel on one knee, I call you a woman, I don't need anybody else, moon
needs a sun for it to glow
refrain x2
I see you dancing
I want to dance with you
I see you dancing
heyhey I want to dance with you
I want to dance with you
I want to dance with you
I see you dancing
will you come dance with me
I want to dance with you
sorry, it's okay
  • 1. I don't know what this means xd
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5 päivää 5 yötä

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