7 Intro (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

7 Intro

All over, on every street corner, we’re seeing deadly sins
In every apartment…and we accept it
We tolerate it because it’s already become habit
It’s trivial
We tolerate it morning, noon, and night
But now…from this point forward, no more
Man, you’ve been waiting for it for so long
But now I’m back again
And every German rapper will get fucked by me
This is set in stone ¹
Shut up, that’s my usual self
You’ll be in therapy ‘til your tear ducts explode
The most of the hookers are pukin’
‘Cause my album will be released soon
Who says I’ve gotten soft?
I bring violence to the songs
I just run up to the stage, find some
Fights when I shouldn’t; get
Slapped with a €1000 fine
Then I sit in court and sleep
Sonny Black, I’m more than aggressive ²
Take the mask off; shut up
I’ve just got an appetite, yeah
The cartridges fall
Do you hear the gun fire?
Bring me a rocket
I’ll shoot Fettes Brot into outer space ³
I’m the guy who sold the albums,
The shitty criminal kanake from the capital city, Berlin ⁴
Look at the gangster
Who’s gotten out of jail
Now get back and
I’ll step on your cardboard box
EGJ label boss ⁵
This is gangsta rap
Shut up, I’m the king and I’ll take your pension away
No one will be accepted here on the street
On the streets, you have wickedly disgraced yourself with Keep It Real – We don’t understand your language
Sadly, you’re you
Sadly gay,
Sadly, you tell me all that crap
Can you see?
Yeah, the clouds break apart
Yeah, I’m looking for a bad role model
And I’m torturing a clown
I’m back
Now I’ll cause some trouble
When it comes to rappers, everyone else will be shut down except me – I’m still the only real rapper
This is album number 7
And they truly want me to be silenced
Then fuck yourselves!
From this day on, I’ll officially fight with everyone
And I’ll fuck your sister
My songs are deep
I don’t stop for anyone
That’s the way the boys from the street are
You blood suckers, and that was just the intro! ⁶
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Straight translations:
¹ das ist der Beton – this is concrete
² Sonny Black ich bin 3 fach aggressiv – Sonny Black, I’m three times aggressive (info: Sonny Black is an alias of Bushido’s).
³ Fettes Brot is a German Hip Hop group out of Hamburg
⁴ Kanake is a derogatory word used in German-speaking countries for immigrants and foreigners.
⁵ EGJ Labelboss – „Ersguterjunge” is an independent German hip hop label distributed by Sony BMG. It was founded by rappers D-Bo and Bushido in 2004, after he left the indie label Aggro Berlin.
⁶ ihr Zecken das war grad mal das Intro: Zecken = Ticks (the little insect critters that suck your blood)

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7 Intro

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