Lepa Protina kći (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

The Beautiful Priest's Daughter

I was still very young
hunted some bog birds at the time,
when she came to bathe
the beautiful priest's daughter
She didn't know where I was
that I watched her stealthily through reed and sedge
Night fell over the river
like a cloak
And the moon watches over willow field
swarm of stars silvers in the sky
and water droplets like pearls
that shine all over her
Oh crazy heart, crazy dreams,
all my friends had already had girlfriends
but I wanted only one
the beatuful priest's daughter
Odd song rings on the road
that winder, wedding crowd came for her
from far away, some people
strange to me
And I just walked down the street,
the first snow was falling
And still sometimes bells jingle
that take me who knows where
To get married I have time
So I stayed bachelor till now
and I never saw again
the beautiful priest's daughter
One life peaceful, quiet
I sometimes throw cards or write a verse
life goes on
I stay out of it
And I kiss good ones, easy ones,
some right ones, some not
and they are all fairies, well they are all queens
and they are all irrelevant compared to her
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Lepa Protina kći

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