Sarah Brightman - Arabian Nights


Arabian Nights

Part 1: Scimitar* Moon (Eğri Ay)
Don't you forget the echos of time
Won't you regret the losing of minds
In my dreams I'm searching across the desert sands for you
Scimitar moon is guiding me close to your side
Part 2: Voyage (Yolculuk)
Wilderness to wilderness
I travelled from afar
On the soft wind of the the Nadq came fragrance of Araar
Splendour of a thousand suns shone glory in my path
No love more pure and rage more fierce
Could still my beating heart
Part 3: Promise (Söz)
So should I return to trace the shadows of my chases
My steps will echo there from sand to stone
I will never let my eyelids close on empty spaces
My dreams will fill the void with tales unknown
Know the mighty infinite obscures the far horizon
The whispered road I take will never bend
And will the wind return my story to its promise
Or will my story chase me to the end
Part 4: Hamesha {Every time}(her zaman)
Yay hava mairay dilber
{Oh wind, carry my love song to my boyfriend with you}
Tu hay mairay manzel
{My duty in life is to find you, even if I live my life traveling for you}
Mairay reshmi zulfay
{My cowlick will turn into chains and will tie you up to me}
Part 5: Alone (Yalnız)
Melodies unspoken flowing from the lotus of my heart
Ending where we start
Promises unbroken promising a never-ending fire of love beyond desire
Ending where we start
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