Abr Mibarad - ابر می بارد (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Abr Mibarad - ابر می بارد

ابر می بارد و من میشوم از یار جدا
چون کنم دل به چنین روز ز دلدار جدا
ابر و باران و من و یار ستاده به وداع
من جدا گریه کنان ، ابر جدا ، یار جدا
ای مرا در سر هر موی به زلفت بندی
چه کنی بند ز بندم همه یکبار جدا
دیده از بهر تو خونبار شد ، ای مردم چشم
مردمی کن ، مشو از دیده ی خونبار جدا
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The cloud is raining

The cloud is raining and i'm separating from my lover
how can i take my heart back from the beloved in such a day?
the cloud, the rain, me and my lover are standing to farewell
i'm crying on my own, the cloud cries on its own, my lover cries on her own
oh the one whom i have a link to each string of her hair
why are you detaching my connections all at once*
oh the pupil of eye, my sight has been blooded because of you
please be merciful and don't get apart from my blooded sight*
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تعليقات الكاتب:

* each part of me is linked to you, also each and every part of me are linked together, so you're separating us and you're tearing me all apart
* "Mardom" means people and also means pupil, "mardomi kardan" means being warm to people and also means being a pupil, so the poet might have asked the pupil to be a pupil! (to do its own duty)

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