Anne et Louise (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Anne and Louise

Anne and Louise, Anne and Louise
It's just a story and that's it
Whatever they read, secret of adolescence
They disguise, united as a chance
Take care of us
Take care of everything:
Words that resonate beyond
And all they do not know
Take care of that
Anne and Louise, rebellious beauties
There are so many stories long before you
Spread the word, love is without barriers
Promised Land against all odds
Tirelessly enduring
Growing up and defying people's dull blows
Suffering, but... it's golden, it's golden
Take care of us
Take care of everything
Words that are only half spoken
Glances a bit too hidden
Take care of us
Anne and Louise, Anne and Louise
It's just a story and that's it
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Anne et Louise

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petit élèvepetit élève    السبت, 21/04/2018 - 19:21

I see nothing wrong with your translation of the first two lines. The French doesn't really mean much either Teeth smile
It could be "that's just a story I made up" or "that's just a love story" or "that's a very common story". Rather vague and shallow French, if you ask me.

Quoi qu’on en lise -> that's a kind of pun on "quoi qu'on en dise" (whatever they say). Not a really good pun, since "whatever they read about it" does not really mean anything. Maybe the idea is to allude to newspapers, but this "Anne & Louise" couple does not seem to refer to a famous LGBT story that would have sparked a controversy in the press...

Des mots -> [prends soin] des mots... et [prends soin de] tout ce qu'ils...