April Fools!

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Idiomatic translations of "April Fools!"

un pesce d'aprile
перво-апрельская шутка

Meanings of "April Fools!"


This pastime occurs on the first day of April. Pranks, and hoaxes of all sorts are played in good fun on this day. This has been going on as recorded since the 1300s.

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Mahmut Orhan - 6 Days

You never thought we’d go to war
After all the things we saw
It’s April Fools day.
Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late.

Colonel Bagshot - Six-Day War

You never thought we'd go to war,
after all the things we saw.
It's April Fools' day.

Jimin Park - April Fools (0401)

Down, you try to break me down (you are fool)
난 아니었는데 왜 내 맘에 넌 내 맘에
April fools 그 날을 기억해
Oh eh oh eh oh

Au/Ra - Emoji

They should make our lives an app

I don't like April Fools
Just when you think you know me

Colonel Bagshot - Six Days War

You never thought we'd go to war
After all the things we saw
It's April Fools day

Corey Taylor - X-M@$

Now I'm no Wiccan commie or nothing
But there's one damn holiday that I can't stand
It ain't Halloween or Thanksgiving or even April Fools
But it'll surely make a fool out of every man

Jimin Park - April Fools (0401)

Down, you try to break me down (You are fool)
Nan anieotneunde wae nae mame neon nae mame
April Fools geu nareul gieokhae
Oh eh oh eh oh

Jimin Park - April Fools (0401)

down, you try to break me down (you are fool)
I was doing fine, but why are you in my heart?
april fools, I remember that day
oh eh oh eh oh

Jimin Park - April Fools (0401)

C'est toi qui as voulu rompe, non?
Tu m'appelles encore et encore.
Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas chez toi ?
Je me portais très bien.

Jovanotti - Happy New Year

Blue dawns and sunsets of beautiful days
And green traffic lights, and caution and courage,
And an April fools and a May day

Gringe - In pieces

[Verse 2]
Constance is my Achilles heel, all my relationships are fragile
When I love, it's up to the oedema, my "I love you" are April Fools
Often, she feels so alone that it reassures her when we fight

Keren Peles - A Night of April Fools

As usual, I was
A naive believer, naive believer, (sex, sex).
A night of April Fools
You shot into the air "It's just a trick"

The Longshot - Turn Me Loose

So turn me loose
I'm only gonna stagger
And April Fools
I'm not a-running

Nicki Minaj - Chi-Raq

Shorties standing in the streets with tools
Where I'm from we don't play no games
Ain't no April fools, you will make the news
Where I hang we don't say no names

Rami Fortis - April Fools

Invitation from the press
To those who passed the test.
Come on down you're APRIL fools:
You're not the chosen race.

Peter Bjorn and John - Matchmaker

Matchmaking me to you

Happy love cartoons, april fools
I'm so grateful for the way you're carrying me

Renan Luce - You can't do anything when you're little

Is every day "April fools' days"
you know, really, I've enough on my back already <fn>The april fools' day tradition is to pin a paper fish on the victim's back. This makes for a pun in the next line's "I've had a back full"</fn>
Your lego fills the car

Plan B (UK) - Ill Manors

Be the joker, play the fool
What's politics, ain't it all
Smoke and mirrors, April fools?
All year round, all in all

LMFAO - Rock The Beat II

Two men emerged, out of the MUCK
Two thousand seven, four one one
April Fools Day
It marked the birth, of a new sound