Bag tonede ruder (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Behind Tinted Windows

Hey mom, have you found yourself a new man?
Hey mom, have you found yourself a new man?
I had a vision, flashes of light
Something like lightning, I went through town
Bombardments of my songs resonated in
An echo of time passing by
Consciousness, consciousness
That's what I twaddle about when I feel self-complacent
Amore, I receive it
And noise I'll make until I'm gone
No matter what my voice sounds dope
Record it
I entice the words out, word-enticer
The worlds soul is in ruins and you and I are fighting over brickbats
Positive, think positive
Step out of the loop, think progressive
It's my Copenhagen but I don't recognise it
All that life we kept on hold
All the kisses we had in store
And when they write about me: playful
I read it like: legend1
Cause I dropped out of school early
Cared more about skateboard in the sun
Think fresh! Think crazy! Think big!
It's still me and my babe
Have a double layer of black
Encounter doomsday wearing shades
I hide a little
Yes, I dream away
Behind tinted windows
No wunderbaum
Just a scent of Copenhagen
Behind tinted windows
I hear my voice
Why do I only hear it
Behind tinted windows
My world is spinning around
But not so fast around
Behind tinted windows
My mind is open
My soul is hardened
My mouth is closed
I talk from the heart
So they will need a stethoscope
While I find a breathing space
So I can take you away for a while
Behind tinted windows
In here where silence rules
Far away from commotion and screaming
Crisis and wars and doomsday prophesy
In here where nothing disturbs
Where everything stands still while the world is passing
And gives me the courage for more
The sun is so red it could explode
And we exist
Not yesterday, not tomorrow
Just right here and now
I am the son of a doctor
No bonsai trees
My love grows
And it needed a place to grow
The bed I was in
Needed 2
The cold behind my window
Pushed through
Voices in my head
I needed peace
They were yelling too loud
While you elegantly sneaked into the picture
Like the stroke of a brush
And we let a sparkle turn into a flame
We let the short nights turn long
And the light would break through again
And this time it gets all the way in
My eyes only see you
You look back at me
Behind tinted windows
Quiet now, quiet now
The last words have been uttered
Behind tinted windows
And the whole world stops and we drive away
Behind tinted windows
Two souls become one
Then are we alone?
Behind tinted windows
  • 1. Playful and legend is in Danish both "legende". it's spelled the same but pronounced differently
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* Playful and legend is in Danish both "legende". it's spelled the same but pronounced differently

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Bag tonede ruder

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Thanks for translating all the Nik and Jay songs. its greatly appreciated.