BlackSea4ever - Ode to marketing I


Ode to marketing I

There are twenty items for sale
I will list the significant five,
But, I admit over me they prevailed,
It was the words that caught me alive.
With every intention to limit my choices,
And, as usual, looking for the meaning to me,
The descriptions were deceptively simple,
Had me struggling which ones my picks ought to be:
"The strongest one
 - Our most beloved"
Of course, it's me!
24Kt Gold Mirror
"The luxurious one
 - A perfect ornament"
Nah, it's only half true!
Stainless Steel
"The original one
 - The simplicity is beautiful"
I do agree! But again, it's only half true!
"The classic one
 - It gets better with time"
I totally agree - it's me!
"The playful one
 - Great for upside down spins"
Hmm, tempting, but a bit obscene...
Damascus Steel
"The unique one - 
One of a kind, like you!"
I totally agree, but the color isn't me!
Rose Gold Plated
"The romantic’s one - 
Plated with real gold"
As if! I'm pure rose gold - not just skin deep!
24Kt Gold Plated
"The stylish one
 - A must-have for gold lovers"
Ah, the easy one - the faux I shall forego!
"The lightest one - 
Hold this in disbelief"
Ah, good old days, alas, it's not for me!
Cast Iron
"The medieval one
 - Perfect for museum lovers"
Ha! This one's perfect! It is me!
"The exotic one 
- Unmatched properties"
Hm, I'm hung up on this one - what shall it be?
"The mature one - 
A patina matures with you"
Now, this one harshly shines - it's not me!
S.S Mirror
"The shiny original one - 
Beauty is in the simplicity"
Ok, simply wrong s.s. - not for me!
"The ancient one
 - Delve into the bronze age"
A goddess resurrected sang - it's me!
"The fine one
 - The best surface"
Hm, the surface is no more the best - I'll pass...
"The heavy one
 - The masterpiece"
Too close to the truth - I have no use...
Black Zirconium
"The elegant one
 - Natural zirconia oxide"
Too close to my mood - the one I'm trying to elude...
"The precious one
 - 99.999% silver"
I totally agree, but machine tooled...had me fooled!
So, let's recap:
Strongest and most beloved,
Classic that gets better with time,
Perfect for museum lovers,
And an exotic one,
If from another age --
My choices I did pledge!
For what could perfectly
Describe my daily lot
If not the forever spinning top!
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wisigothwisigoth    الأحد, 19/01/2020 - 20:57

The one who is good in buy and sell,
S/he in a happy place will dwell!

BlackSea4everBlackSea4ever    الأحد, 19/01/2020 - 21:02

So quickly after I posted? 😛
I have no financial stake - I just appreciated the approach! It reminded me sitting way late at night with the young girl-merchandisers who were just asked to give the style names from the literature. That was before iPhones, iPads... They were like deer caught in the headlights. I thanked my teachers and aunt profusely...