blow my mind

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Meanings of "blow my mind"


to blow smb.'s mind - to amaze or overwhelm someone; to strongly affect someone with surprise, wonder, delight, etc.

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удивить или ошеломить кого-л.; потрясти; свести с ума; привести в восторг; изумить кого-л.

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SOMI - Birthday

Alright, alright, alright, alright
I'll blow like hoo, can you blow my mind?
Nothing more, nothing else, just like today

SOMI - Birthday

Alright, alright, alright, alright
난 후 하고 불께 can you blow my mind
더도 말고 덜도 말고 딱 오늘처럼

Gims - Bella ( Beauty )

Your dog's shadow(héhé)
Blow my mind (Hé-Hé)
Blow my mind (HéHé)

The Trio Mandili - Apareka

“Today I will be your Scorperi ***.
So that we can spend the night in an inspiring conversation.”
“Don’t try to blow my mind, girl
Leave, listen to me!"

Río Roma - My favorite person

I love that you are so witty
you suddenly say things that simply blow my mind
but you are always present

Dimash Kudaibergen - Give Me Your Love

Every time I close my eyes
I can't forget the way you're dancing baby
Never felt like this before, you really blow my mind

SOMI - Birthday

Alright, alright, alright, alright
Нан ху хаго пулькке can you blow my mind
Тодо мальго тольдо мальго ттак оныльчором

Diamond Platnumz - Jeje

Your body fine
And when you whine
You blow my mind

LP - When We're High

When we’re high
Oh, my god, you blow my mind
So let’s get high

DEAMN - Save Me

[Verse 2]
I hold you tight, you blow my mind
Like a bottle of wine, I'm insane

Yalın - Mine

she hitting my heart ground-to-ground
Oww she laughing,oww she looking
she blow my mind,immediately
mine is coming,she knows

The Cats - One Way Wind

One way wind
one way wind
are you trying to blow my mind?
One way wind

Kris Wu - 18

I'm just swerving, smoking on some dank
I'm just tryna fucking ease the pain
‘Fore I blow my mind like Kurt Cobain
No I won't change

Mala Rodríguez - With You

Number one, she one of a kind
One time
She know how she blow my mind
One time

Gal Malka - she wants to dance

when the bass is right she is already high and she puts everyone in her jeans pocket when you can see her underwear
she doesnt go to sleep ,doesnt see in her eyes ,tank top with cleavage and pierced tongue ,she has a heart made of concrete, so if you dont have a vila to give her ,complment her ,you are not first one!
wow this girl cant blow my mind
and like a wave to flood me

Kizz Daniel - One Ticket

Olo omoge you be scammer
I dey follow you for back oh girl
Baby girl you blow my mind, I no go lie

Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby

More and more each time
Girl, what am I gonna do
Because you blow my mind

The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

On the stereo
Let those speakers blow your mind
(Blow my mind, baby)
To let it go, let it go

Andra - Spoke

One more time,
Push me over the edge do you feel better
Just blow my mind;
My lips are under siege,

Adema - Planets

To leave it all behind, I won't cry wolf
Show me a sign, planets will align,
I'm gonna blow my mind, I won't cry wolf