In a body

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Meanings of "In a body"


Kolektivno, u grupi. Korporativno. Čoporativno.

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Hanan Ben Ari - Wikipedia

Don't summarize me on Wikipedia
I am everything, I am nothing at all
Forever light dressed in a body
So don't lock me in any cave

Pierre Bachelet - Emmanuelle

Who’s heart beat in a body apart
Melody of love sang from her heart, Emmanuelle
Who’s body lived with broken heart

Gil Vain - Colors

When it's about love
She wants the transparent
A heart beating in a body
And to hear the silence

Zoopark - Summer (A song for Tsoi)

The pants are worn like a coin.
A cigarette in my mouth
I go to take a swim in a body of water.

Serge Gainsbourg - Like A Boomerang

returns me to the days of the past
into the cry of madness
in a body I have given you

Bump of Chicken - Fighter

because you are here and only that,
everything in life calls out
In a body able to protect you
I was born.

MC Mack - EZ Come, EZ Go

Watch me put my ski mask on
Cock my gat back trick, now drop it off
Lanes get very quick and tricks that tried to test they nuts get stuffed and zipped up in a body bag to let you know yo ass been had
(?) weak ass niggas looking, throwing up the wrong sign

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

Like a soul without a mind
In a body without a heart
I'm missing every part

March songs - the Danube smooth and gleaming

And a bugle blows.

Young Bulgarians in a body
On the deck appear,

Bigflo et Oli - Where is your brother?

You don't tell us much so I look deep into your eyes
You're my idol, by your side I still learn
How do you have that much talent in a body so small?
You're the big brother so if I can't make it you help me and protect me from those who mean me harm

Dionysis Savvopoulos - Don't speak of love anymore

sun and sea, sweet girl, warm morning.
Morning I broached your two petals with a kiss,
and you presented me the whole spring in a body.

WAR*HALL - Dead Man Walking

Stop beating hearts just like that
This soul has seen a lot of bad
My future's in a body bag
This world will know what to bind me

Film - We are not alone

And doesn't know the secret hidden inside you

You are in a body full of desires
Surprised by longing lips

Corneille - Fathers, Men and Brothers

The galleys of my youth drowned me
into too much use of the glock to pay the lawer.
I'll end up alone in a body bag,
at the back of the parade. It's better to be in bad company than alone

Blind Channel - Fever

I've be through
So now I'm
Stuck me in a body that wants to survive
While me mind is telling me to die

Nikos Ikonomopoulos - I'm not asking you for too much

I'm not asking you to take me to the sky
Nor I asked you for a cheap love
I'm asking you to lock me in a body
And throw the key once for all

Yordano - Black Pearl

Of a dream upon awakening
When the dew dried
It left a desert in my body
The wound reaches the heart

The Midnight - Synthetic

Maybe I died
And I kept movin'
In a body made of plastic and glue

Antique - Now now

You're for me the love I want to live for

Now now kiss me, in a body I get wasted
In dribs and drabs I'll drink you and in your eyes I'll lose myself

SickTanicK - God Is Dead (Suicide)

Just remember to cut up and press hard,
you don't wanna end up in the ER
You wanna end up in a body bag,
a number in the system, another toe tag