Boghz Yani (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

  • الفنان: Yas (Yaser Bakhtiari, یاسر بختیاری‎;)
  • فنان مفضل: AaMin
  • الأغنية: Boghz Yani
إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


sob* means the pains which have built up to your throat
sob means you're alone and no one has remained by your side
sob, sob
sob means your pride won't let your tears to fall
sob means the words that dried up behind your lips
sob, sob
sob means those nights of loneliness and ruin
sob means his/her thoughts won't let you to sleep
sob means you have no other way than leaving
sob means that you still love him/her
[Verse 1: Yas]
sob means fake smiles
they torture you and lest you say even an ouch
everybody is waiting for you to fail
then they can knock you down so you won't be able to walk the next day
sob means a secret logic
means i can go to concerts but as a guest*
sob means i'm getting old
but still i can't get on the stage in Iran
it's seems the only way to succeed is
sucking up to them, but God has given us pride
why after all of these efforts
at the end you're in Imam Khomeini airport*
sob is a quiet woman, is a quiet man
your passport in one hand, and your suitcase in the other one
who can understand you in that moment?
no one, sob is the moment when you're leaving your country
don't say he's inconsiderate, don't say he's rude*
cause sometimes you really need to use some words
the important thing is that you rely on a real world
the awake one was able to see the truth, sob means
an introverted child with a fake smile
who is broken inside by a regret, by a scroll
of words in a home which is always filled with arguments and storms
and after each one, everybody gets tired and dad goes to living room
he makes a bed and sleeps there, home has turned into a barrack
tomorrow mom will be lamenting in the court
her voice is hoarse, her heart is broken and her throat is dried
"divorce" this word killed the child's soul
sob means your feeling for me was a lie
it's a long story, i keep it to say in the second verse
when you don't have the one you wanted beside yourself
your untold word, your hidden pain in sum it will be sob
sob means yearning the thing you've never had
sob means nothing ever happened the way you wanted it to be
sob means the wounds left by your friend
sob means this deep pain of yours will never get healed anymore
[Verse 2: Yas]
all the people were wounded by a stranger i was wounded by an insider
you, the one who wanted to prison me whenever you want
with your humiliation and destroying
so this me is built by you, don't tell me "you've changed"
you can't tell me my behavior has changed towards you
ask your surroundings about me
when i was the loyal one to you, know that i have the right to
but no one was loyal to me *
i sincerely wanted a ring to be in your finger
but you wanted the same ring to be in my ear*
you wanted me to wear slave's cloth for you*
you were one of those who only wanted to milk my heart*
the story got funny when she got tired of me
as soon as my heart got dependent (to her), all the open doors were shut
your recalls and memories gathered precious words
together and set them on paper
but these days won't stay and they will pass
one day every one will hear my laughter again
the day when i'm on the top and they're walking in place*
tomorrow they will go anywhere, they have flirted with 10 people like us
but you were my only reason to compromise the world
you were the one we wanted
i looked at you like you're my own self, i wish you were a team with me too
you were the only seed we planted
is that what i deserve? i made you get used to your bad manners, didn't i?
you've told everyone "i've made him a good person"?
Ms. know it all! now i owe you because of the few things you've for me?
well i've done a hundred times more for you, you covetous!
just wait till the day you caught red handed in this relationship
you now the quiet one draws more attention
there will be someone who wants to be with you*
so then you can talk behind my back and he would justify you
look, these strings are like (dental) floss*
for them things are warm just for a night, the next day is glacial*
yeah that's it, it was my final verse
no need to tell me "Bravo man" whisper it to yourself
sob means those nights of loneliness and ruin
sob means his/her thoughts won't let you to sleep
sob means you have no other way than leaving
sob means that you still love him/her
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تعليقات الكاتب:

* Boghz is the feeling you have in your throat when you're about to cry but you don't
* he's talking about his career in Iran, for some unknown reasons (or maybe too obvious reasons) "Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance" won't let many singers including him to have concert but they invite them to one
* you want to leave your country
* by "he" he means himself, he's a rapper and sometimes he uses bad words in his song
* literally no one stayed on my feet (it's the expression for being loyal) except my pants
* bondmans used to have earrings in the past
* play the role of a slave
* use, exploit, take advantage of
* standing still while trying to go further
* some one who gives green light, literally give string
* refers to the Previous *
* they want a one night stand, they greet warmly just for a night after that they will be cold and apathetic


Boghz Yani

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