Boreis kai heirotera (Μπορείς και χειρότερα) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

You can do worse

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All the roads I step on
Ask me where am I going
They question who I am
What do I love and what I overlook
To tell your name
I don't dare
Maybe it has no logic
But I insist
To look for you, to scatter
On the surface you laid wishes
To flourish the past
I lean over
As you see, everything passes
But we count our pieces
What do you lose, what to you find and what is sold to you
In dice games, away from me
You played my embrace as well
What a pitty that you are my fault
I don't forget,
Even though it hurts when I remember
I don't know how I could
Be your lie
And I've left half of my body
For you, my soul
I didn't betray you
I don't forget,
Even though the days pass by
And the months life bullets
I'd want so much you came
You didn't love me but doesn't matter
Nobody can change
You can do worse
With blows of hot air on the window
I draw winters
And the hearts, now alone
That were once together
Now who survives
The rules
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Boreis kai heirotera (Μπορείς και χειρότερα)

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