Ce rêve bleu [A Whole New World] (European French) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجمالإنكليزية

This blue dream

Aladdin : I'm gonna offer you a world
Of one thousand and one splendours.
Tell me, Princess, when was it the last time
You let your heart speak ?
I'll open your eyes
To delights and wonders
Of this travel up in the sky
To the land of the blue dream
This blue dream
It's a whole new world in colours,
Where nobody tells you "it's forbidden
To still believe in happiness"
Jasmine : This blue dream
I don't believe it, it's marvellous !
To me, it's fantastic
When in the skies
We share both this blue dream.
Aladdin : We're doing this blue dream, together
Jasmine : Under the crystal sky
I'm feeling so light,
I spin, I'm out of my mind and roll
In this star ocean !
This blue dream
Aladdin : Don't you close your eyes
Jasmine : It's a fabulous journey
Aladdin : And gaze at these wonders
Jasmine : I've been way too high, way too far,
I can't return where I come from anymore...
Aladdin : A blue dream
Jasmine : On the wind's horses back
Aladdin : To the happiness horizons
Jasmine : Into the star dust
Jasmine et Aladdin : Let's sail endlessly into time,
And let's live this marvellous dream
Aladdin : This blue dream
Jasmine : This blue dream
Aladdin : Of one thousand and one nights
Jasmine : Of one thousand and one nights
Aladdin : That will last
Jasmine : For you and me
Jasmine et Aladdin : A lifetime
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Ce rêve bleu [A Whole New World] (European French)