Chris Rea - Summer love

  • الفنان: Chris Rea
  • ألبوم: Expresso logic (1993)
  • الترجمات الروسية #1, #2

Summer love

Once there was a summer love
Long ago and far away
The autumn whispers to the falling leaves
Summer love can't stay
This was their place, this was where
Just for one moment, without cares
Two lovers dreaming of how the world should be
Please bring back my summer love to me
Did you have to go, did I have to stay
Did you have to go, away
Now it's all gone, but who can forget
Summer love, sweet summer love
I see your shadow everywhere
I feel your smile though you're not there
A kiss for every star in the sky way above
You'll always be my one and only summer love
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