Colazione da Gattullo (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Breakfast at Gattullo's

Carolina didn't like me going to Bocconi
My best friends were all morons
She hated having breakfast at Gattullo's
She couldn't stand me being more skilled than smart
But I loved her anyways
She understood what I had in me
Which is a bit like when your headphones get tangled in your pocket
And my best friends hate Carolina
who eats exclusively organic food and gets up late every morning
who is two years late with her university courses exactly today
who's sad because her father doesn't put money on her bank account
But after all I loved her anyways
She, too, felt what I feel
Which is a bit like when someone throws a plugged in blowdryer in the bathtub
About Carolina's father, I don't really know what to say
she wasn't one to talk about other people
for her there were just Walter and Carolina
My mother cheered when I told her it was over
But she liked her anyways
She understood that it was different for me
That I'm like when the streaming freezes halfway through the movie
My mother is always 93% right
She said its not my friends, I am the moron
You write those depressing songs to her and get stupid
You'll end up like Tenco after Sanremo (*)
But after all I loved her anyways
I had a sincere feeling for her
Which is a bit like when you wake up to an industrial song playlist.
I beg your pardon, mr. Tenco, I didn't want to unsettle you
I always listen to your songs at maximum volume
You would have written a beautiful song to my loved one
Certainly better than this one I impulsively wrote one night
But I loved you anyway,
you understood what I had in me
which is a bit like when they kick you in the guts yelling "this is Sparta"
Carolina didn't like me going to Bocconi
About me I didn't tell you anything, I don't like the spotlight
They call me by my name when I exit Gattullo's
and I order cranberry puffs with cappuccino
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*: Luigi Tenco, italian singer and songwriter. He allegedly commited suicide at 29 years old in his suite during the 1967 Sanremo Music Festival. Almost like a modern poète maudit, he's become an icon of love and despair.


Colazione da Gattullo

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