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Kep1er | DOUBLAST - The 2nd Mini Album

Created by ดอกไม้ จริง on 19 يونيو 2022 | تم تعديله آخر مرة بواسطة ดอกไม้ จริง في 20 يونيو 2022
Kep1er | DOUBLAST - The 2nd Mini Album

DOUBLAST is the second mini album by Kep1er.
It was released on June 20, 2022 with "Up!" serving as the album's title track.

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Lyrics by Full8loom, 영광의 얼굴들 (Glory Face)
Composed by Full8loom
Arranged by HARRY (Full8loom), 영광의 얼굴들 (Glory Face)

Lyrics by whyminsu
Composed by whyminsu
Arranged by whyminsu

Song languages:  الإنكليزية, الكورية

Lyrics by WWWAVE
Composed by QUDO (PAPERMAKER), Josh McClelland, KLOE, Samuel Ku, 텐조 (Tenzo)
Arranged by QUDO (PAPERMAKER), Samuel Ku, 텐조 (Tenzo)

لغة الأغنية:  الإنكليزية

Lyrics by 진리 (Jinli)
Composed by 진리 (Jinli), 영광의 얼굴들 (Glory Face)
Arranged by Yuka, 영광의 얼굴들 (Glory Face)

لغة الأغنية:  الإنكليزية

Lyrics by 이스란 (Lee Seu Ran), MooF, JJ Evans, Ashley Alisha
Composed by MooF, Ashley Alisha, JJ Evans
Arranged by MooF

لغة الأغنية:  الإنكليزية