Number One Hits in Germany (2018)

Created by mk87 on 16 سبتمبر 2019
Number One Hits in Germany (2018)

The official German single charts were introduced in December 1953. This list includes all no. 1 hits from the year 2018.

16th February - 22nd February

2nd March - 8th March

9th March - 15th March

16th March - 12th April

20th April - 16th April

25th May - 31st May

الترجمات:  الإنكليزية

15th June - 21st June

الترجمات:  التركية البولندية

13th July - 19th July

الترجمات:  التركية الاسبانية

20th July - 9th August

17th August - 20th September

28th September - 11th October

19th October - 25th October

26th October - 1st November

2nd November - 15th November

16th November - 22nd November

23rd November - 29th November

7th December - 27th December

28th December - 31st December