Through valleys and over hills

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Also known as "Partisans of Amur". Although initially the melody was a march of the Russian Empire, now it is, in essence, a song of communist and anti-fascist partisans. It has versions in so many languages, and also different lyrics written on the same melody, so I decided to do a collection of all versions that I could find, because I consider it interesting to listen to all the variations across the different languages. Tell me if you know another version that is not yet listed. I hope that you enjoy listening.

Another Yugoslavian version, quite different melody.

Melody sounds different to me, but it may be just musical interpretation

Other English version, unfortunately no video

Anarchist version in French language

cpenguincpenguin    الأثنين, 13/01/2020 - 01:54

Thank you for finding more versions, I added these. Except the Turkish version, because this site doesn't let me add a song without lyrics transcript to the collection. And the Yugoslavian version, which seems to have the same lyrics as the one that I added as Serbian. Maybe I should change that to just Yugoslavian then, if these lyrics were used across all Yugoslavia. But the melody is different, so I'm not sure whether it should be added as separate song.

cpenguincpenguin    الأثنين, 17/02/2020 - 00:21

I just noticed, there is actually a way to add songs that do not have the lyrics transcribed yet. So I added the Turkish version now. Thanks for finding it.

cpenguincpenguin    الأثنين, 13/01/2020 - 03:10

Thanks, added these. The description of the lyrics of that song says that the "Марш сибирских стрелков" has been written before the civil war, somewhen 1914–1915. I added a link to that song to the collection description, because it is the source of the melody, but doesn't fit with the "partisans" theme that all the other versions have.

(I'll look more at the video with the 24 versions tomorrow, maybe I'll find some more versions for the collections, I found the name of the Czech version there already.)

yuan jinquanyuan jinquan    الأثنين, 13/01/2020 - 03:20

In fact, this song also has Kurdish and Uyghur versions, and may also be Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, etc, but I couldn't find them in youtube.

cpenguincpenguin    الأربعاء, 15/01/2020 - 01:21

I also didn't find Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian or Belarusian version. But I found a version that is sung partly in Hindi and partly in English. (I have requested a transcription for it already.)

cpenguincpenguin    الأربعاء, 15/01/2020 - 22:46

Added English and the other Yugoslavian version (now that you added a transcription, I see that there are some differences with the existing version). As to the anarchist Spanish version, I listened to it, it's not actually sung in Spanish. It's sung in French ("La Makhnovtchina", which we already have in the collection), and the Spanish text is a translation. That Spanish text doesn't fit the rhythm of the song, so it seems to me that it is just a translation, not another version of the song. You can add it as Spanish translation to the French "La Makhnovtchina" if you want.

As to the French anti-communist version, I don't transcribe or translate such lyrics on principle, but if someone else does a transcription, I'll add it, for the completeness of the collection.

yuan jinquanyuan jinquan    الخميس, 16/01/2020 - 00:30

The full Yugoslav version has five paragraphs, but I couldn't find the video in youtube.

cpenguincpenguin    الخميس, 16/01/2020 - 00:40

Do you have the lyrics of the full Yugoslav version? A video is not required.

cpenguincpenguin    الخميس, 16/01/2020 - 01:36

Good, added it. That same website also has another English lyrics, which I also added. That's what the partly-english partly-hindi version that I found previously is singing in the English part. I also just found a performance that is partly in English and partly in Bengali, and also is using these lyrics for the English version:

yuan jinquanyuan jinquan    الخميس, 16/01/2020 - 00:38

The song is so famous that both the left and the right sing it.

cpenguincpenguin    السبت, 15/02/2020 - 02:09

Isn't that written on the melody of Katyusha? I'm looking for songs with the melody of "Partisans of Amur" specifically in this collection.

(Maybe I should do a separate collection for songs written on the melody of Katyusha, there are also quite many of these.)

cpenguincpenguin    الخميس, 02/04/2020 - 12:27

Yes, the video is sung in Russian language with Russian and Serbian subtitles.

I now tried finding another video to suggest replacing, but couldn't find any with the complete Serbian lyrics.
(Specifically, in none of the Serbian versions I found they sing the couplet:
Партизан сам, тим се дичим
То не може бити свак,
Умријети за слободу
Може само див-јунак!)