Bonheur de malheur (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Bonheur de malheur

Je cherche l'amour sûr
La passion loyale
Des serments qu'on se jure
Si l'amour se fissure
Je me dresse en serpent fatal
Ma morsure est pure
Car elle veut l'idéal
J'ai peur
D'user mon sourire
À courir ce bonheur de malheur
Si peur
D'user mes soupirs
A simuler l'amour quand meurt le meilleur
J'ai peur d'épouser le pire
De tout travestir
Alors je mens
En sacrifiant mes sentiments
Mes frayeurs sont tenaces
Elles tenaillent ma désinvolture
Je n'ai que l'audace
De caresser mes écorchures
Car nos mères
Nous ont appris les pleurs
On m'a dit que c'est ainsi
Que le bonheur c'est comme ça
Comme un sacerdoce qui va de soi
A vouloir l'éternel
J'ai perdu l'essentiel
Les leçons bien apprises
Et toujours les mêmes erreurs
L'illusion qui se brise
Ce bonheur de malheur
A la mémoire de nos parents
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Blasted happiness

I'm looking for dependable love,
loyal passion,
the kind of vows that are sworn1
In case love starts cracking up
I rise up like a deadly2 snake.
My bite is pure,
for it3 seeks ideal.
I'm afraid
I could wear down my smile
running after this blasted happiness4,
so afraid
I could wear down my sighs
faking love as the best5 is dying.
I'm afraid I could marry the worst6
and fake it all,
and so I lie
a lot7
while sacrificing my feelings.
My frights are persistent,
they nag at my flippancy,
My boldness only goes so far
as to stroke my grazes,
for our bitter
taught us how to cry.
I've been told that's the way it is,
that's what happiness is,
like a self-evident vocation.
By seeking everlasting [love]9
I lost what matters most.
Yet again
well learned lessons
Yet again
the same old mistakes
Yet again
the illusion smashing to pieces
Yet again
this blasted happiness
In memory of our parents10
  • 1. as if there was another kind...
  • 2. or maybe "fateful"
  • 3. yup, it's about the pure ideal-seeking bite of a deadly (or fateful) snake
  • 4. "de malheur" is a common equivalent to "blasted" or "damned". "bonheur"(happiness) and "malheur"(misfortune) have a common root (good-luck/bad-luck) but are not really antinomic, so the pun is pretty weak
  • 5. patience is a virtue...
  • 6. here we are: this spreads the keywords "meilleur" and "pire" across two sentences, to evoke "pour le meilleur et pour le pire", the traditional vow of marriage (for better, for worse...)
  • 7. This surpasses the famous pram-a-lot in awkwardness Teeth smile
  • 8. another rhyming nonsense
  • 9. "that which is eternal"
  • 10. possibly meant as "ancestors"
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This is truly a terrible piece of French!
The catch line is nothing to write home about, many words and expressions are not used in their common acceptation for no apparent reason, and the meaning gets sacrificed to incredibly awkward rhymes.
The original intent might have been to sound like fake old French. The result is a so-bad-it's-funny nonsense.
Sorry for the cheeky footnotes. If someone takes offence, I might consider removing them.

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