Miracle كلمات أغنية

  • الفنان: Lovex
  • ألبوم: State of Mind (2013)


Your talk is full of flames but you
walk on water, water
though your thoughts are brave you
seek a shelter, shelter
Soon the stars will line up,
and light the
way and it will guide us to find the
truth that lives inside us, and brighten
the shadows of doubt
sing, sing, sing your melody
don't dance, dance with the enemy
if you want it, you can get it now
and if you need me, i'll be there to
Sing, sing along with your melody
I won't dance, dance with the enemy
if you want it, I help you get it now
when you need me, I'll be there for you
Seize the day before the moment is
over, over
let the weight fall from your
shoulders, shoulders
Don't wait up
for a miracle
don't hold back
you're a miracle
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