Como É Duro Trabalhar (إلى البرتغالية ترجم)

إلى البرتغالية ترجم

How hard is it to work

I went walking, walking
In the search of a place
With a hut, a brunette lady
And some soil ready to sow
I found the land, I saw the house
I only had to weed it clean
But with no lap from my brunette lady*
Who am I to get upset
And there I go...
A little break here, a little stop there
And there I go...
How hard is it to work
And I go on singing, take out my guitar
Bring everyone around the campfire
I bring my brunette lady, eye on my syrup
Smelling like a canebrake
And I pick this, I pick that
Nonstop picking
But there's no more single lady
That can get me upset
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"Morena" means, by definition, a brunette woman. But here it most likely means a young lady from a multiracial background and with attractive features.


Como É Duro Trabalhar

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