To cross the line

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Idiomatic translations of "To cross the line"

te ver gaan
Über das Ziel hinaus schießen
Over de schreef gaan
передати куті меду
passare il segno
superare il limite
go too far
pasarse de la regla
ir demasiado lejos
Cruzar la línea
przekraczać granice
cok ileri gitmek
Зайти слишком далеко
A merge prea departe
Dépasser les bornes
Aller trop loin
το παρακάνω
Περνώ τα όρια.

Meanings of "To cross the line"


To go too far, to cross the line.

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Ξεπερνώ τα όρια

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Anna Filipchuk - Непобедимы (Nepobedimy)

We’re keeping the planet spinning,
we’re ready to cross the line,
it’s time to release your feelings –

Eleni Foureira - Triumph

Time for them to see us shine
We're about to cross the line
Cross, cross, cross the line
Your beauty queens from silver screens

Fanaa - The Moon Recommends

If the moon was to recommend me, this is what he'd say to you
I want to drop the veil of decency, I want to cross the line with you

EXO - They Never Know

The rain makes everything wet
We’re ignoring everyone’s eyes
I’ll cross the line first
To the place where you are

Monsta X - Incomparable (넘사벽)

I can’t I can’t
(Yeah eh eh eh)
I want to cross the line
(Yeah eh eh eh)

Anna Filipchuk - Nepobedimy

We’re keeping the planet spinning,
we’re ready to cross the line,
it’s time to release your feelings –

Anna Filipchuk - Invincible

<em>We’re keeping the planet spinning,
we’re ready to cross the line,
it’s time to release your feelings –

Frozen (OST) - It's all the same (Vse odno))

And my fears won't come back from the abyss.
And again,
I'll show myself, that I'm free to cross the line!
Kindness and evil- they are not here!

Tool - Lateralus

Withering my intuition leaving all these opportunities behind.

Feed my will to feel this moment urging me to cross the line.
Reaching out to embrace the random.

Martin Jensen - Solo Dance

In the shade of light
You're moving closer
We're on our way to cross the line
Think you've got me right

Nancy Ajram - Sheel ouyoonak anni

they want ,but i don't know what they want
tell them not to cross the line
tell them not to cross the line
and to get away for me i wanna sing

C. W. McCall - Convoy

Well, we laid a strip for the Jersey shore
And prepared to cross the line
I could see the bridge was lined with bears

L'oMy - Say Yes


I don't want to love you to pass time, I want to cross the line
(Can't stand it, can't stand it)

Hayley Warner - Closure

With both our backs against the wall
Someone’s gotta to take the fall
So I’ll be the first to cross the line

Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm

“Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”

Well, I’m livin’ in a foreign country but I’m bound to cross the line
Beauty walks a razor’s edge, someday I’ll make it mine

Juan Pablo Vega - Try me

You clearly know
it's not going to work
and you still get involved
cross the line

30 Seconds to Mars - Dangerous Night

What a dangerous night to fall in love
Don’t know why we still hide what we’ve become
Do you want to cross the line?
We’re running out of time

Rise Against - Satellite

You can't feel the heat until you hold your hand over the flame
You have to cross the line just to remember where it lays
You won't know your worth now, son, until you take a hit

Duffy - Stepping Stone

You used to call me up from time to time
And it would be so hard for me not to cross the line
The words of love lay on my lips just like a curse

Broken Iris - Broken Inside

You'll be the death of me.
(I dare.)
I dare you to cross the line again,
Because deep down inside,