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Dağlar Dağlar (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

  • الفنان: Sezen Aksu
  • الأغنية: Dağlar Dağlar ألبوم: Sen Ağlama (1984)
    1 ترجمة

Dağlar Dağlar

Başım dağ saçlarım kardır
Deli rüzgarlarım vardır
Ovalar bana çok dardır
Benim meskenim dağlardır dağlar
Şehirler bana bir tuzak
İnsan sohbetleri yasak
Uzak olun benden uzak
Benim meskenim dağlardır dağlar
Kalbime benzer taşları
Heybetli öter kuşları
Göğe yakındır başları
Benim meskenim dağlardır dağlar
Yarimi ellere verin
Sevdamı yellere verin
Elleri bana gönderin
Benim meskenim dağlardır dağlar
Bir gün kadrim bilinirse
İsmim ağıza alınırsa
Yerim soran bulunursa
Benim meskenim dağlardır dağlar
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إلى الإنكليزية ترجمالإنكليزية
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Mountains Mountains

My head is a mountain, my hair is snow.
I have crazy winds.
The plains are too narrow for me.
My abode is the mountains, mountains.
Cities are a trap to me.
Human conversations are prohibited.
Stay away from me , away from me!
My abode is the mountains, mountains.
The stones are similar to my heart (stones of mountains),
Its majestic chirping birds.
Their heads are close to the sky.
My abode is the mountains, mountains.
Give my darling to others!
Give my love to the winds!
Send me his hands!
My abode is the mountains, mountains.
If one day my worth is known,
If my name is spoken,
If anyone asks about my place,
My abode is the mountains, mountains...
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تم نشره بواسطة Dilan ÖztürkDilan Öztürk في السبت, 14/05/2022 - 22:43
Added in reply to request by solarshine82solarshine82
solarshine82solarshine82    الأثنين, 16/05/2022 - 15:18

Thank you so much for your translation! I was wondering why it seems she's happy to give up his lover in the first two lines, but then in the third line she wants his hands?

Yarimi ellere, verin.
Sevdamı yellere verin.
Elleri bana, gönderin.

Dilan ÖztürkDilan Öztürk    الأثنين, 16/05/2022 - 22:15

You're welcome. The lyrics of the song belong to a writer named Sabahattin Ali. Sabahattin Ali is one of the important names in Turkish literature. Although the melody of the song is lively, it is actually talking about his loneliness and free spirit here. The word "elleri" in Turkish actually means foreign people. I hope I could explain Regular smile

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