Deine Stimme (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Your voice

Condensation water gets out of my mouth
without reason I start to understand, that at the question
"why?" isn't the question
and why "I know"
that "I know" isn't the statement
the words are gliding out of my mouth
maw full of energy
sore from the up and down movement of my jaw
which becomes more and more ripe with every moment passing
like day flies on the string of seconds from the day
that's why I enjoy the measure without time
like someone who loves to go fishing
yeah I'm gliding
like feather's my mind is meating with my subconsious self
Who under circumstances lets me sweettalk him into staying for a talk
like education, then amongst their equals everybody's the same
even if they are ready for an exchange
I'm closing my eyes to see what I saw
my not be the same
even though it's quite similar been true
really here
That's the reason why I continure to catch the doubt
who's been busily, hastly, happily growing
ain't it true?
That is why my heart is lying for the whole night long on my bedside table
and when the litter collection, who's been arriving at 8 o'clock last time, wakes me up
it jumps back to imitate the rythms who are always there
from time to time without the right beat
but strangly careful
Unpersonal like my neighbours present is brushing past me
shows myself, how I am sitting
what life is doing
this is what I feel
taking everything in, imagining how I'm singing into the mic
like this it happens that I forget time
like the cashiers bill
like the NASA having sex in a two man shuttle
I'm testing styles in the one men shuttle
describing what I see to see
how people are getting moved who understand what I've written
shooting verbal motives to capture the moment
I like to continue storytelling where other people have just come to their ends
So I am happy when you understand
what everybody could feel
Even I don't understand every text, but I can feel what someone's saying
For that I'll burn everything away baby - waltzing everything down
"Ey what's up dude ?"* - everything with two legs
the rest is jumping and crawling
I want your voice for the goal
even if I don't win.
* In german we're saying "What goes" as in "what walkes around" - so the figurativ answer would be, everything with legs. But it's of course only litterally spoken and "what's up" refers best to it.
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Deine Stimme

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Kondens wie in Kondenswasser denke ich, also condensation water oder so was