Djudjanka (Джуджанка) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Djudjanka (Джуджанка)

кой пристига с хуй отвън?
Кой пристига тук при нас?
Тук пристига Дядо Мраз!
Искам още щом го зърна
от сърце да го прегърна,
че си знам, че си знам,
той го вади най-голям!
Дядо Мраз! Дядо Мраз!
Ти си долен педерас'!
Дядо Мраз отзад застана
и анално я подхвана,
а Джуджанка избръмча,
като самолет с лайна!
Вкара в нейната фуния
осем-цолова бургия,
а Джуджанка избръмча
като въртолет с лайна!
Что тъi сделал Дед Мороз,
Вшивъiй гонорейнъiй пес,
Блятю сльиш Снегурка стала,
потому что зад продала!
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إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Who is coming with a dick outside2?
Who is coming here to us?
Here is coming Santa Claus!
I want when i see him
To hug him sincerely,
Cause I know, cause I know
That he has the bigest dick!3
Santa Claus, Santa Claus
You are dumbass faggot!
Santa Claus went behind her
And began fucking her in the ass
And Gnomwhite made a sound
Like an airplane full of shit!
He inserted in her funnel
An 8" (zoll) drill bit
And Gnomwhite made a sound
Like a chopper full of shit!
What have you done Santa Claus
Digging with a gonorhean dick?
Snowwhite became a whore
Because she sold her ass!
Happy New Year!
  • 1. Well, they mixed the name Snowwhite with the gnoms and here we have Gnomwhite
  • 2. It is not really clear whether his dick is outside his panths or the guy who is outside has a dick
  • 3. These two verses are a parody of a popular Christmass children song
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