(don't) cry over spilled milk

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Meanings of "(don't) cry over spilled ..."


To show regret, or dwell remorsefully on the past. To complain about losses, or faults that cannot be changed. There is no resolution just as crying will not put the milk back in the glass.

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get upset over something that has happened and cannot be changed.

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Pagiging malungkot o masama ang loob sa isang bagay na nangyari na hindi na maaring maayos o mabago.

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Jetzt ist das Kind schon in den Brunnen gefallen.

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потерянного не воротишь

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8Ball - Your Sister

Whether it was a no-go with your sister
So I gave in to her desires
Don't cry over spilled milk,
what happened has happened

Ahlam - Mother Hen

I’m not a mother hen … to listen to what bothers you
I’m not a mother hen … to listen to what bothers you

I’m not dying to get hurt again … what I have is already enough