Dove non so (Teme de Lara) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Dove non so (Teme de Lara)

Dove non so
ma un giorno ti vedrò
e fermerò
il tempo su di noi.
Dove non so
ma un posto ci sarà
da dove noi
non torneremo mai.
Forse sarà domani
o no.
Forse lontano di qui
o no.
Dove non so
starò di fronte a te
e ti vedrò
venire incontro a me.
Con te verro'
ovunque tu vorrai.
Dove non so—
dove non so—
ma ti ritroverò.
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This song derives from music for the 1965 feature film "Doctor Zhivago" where it is used as the melody related to the lead female protagonist in the film, Lara. Connie Francis was involved with having it turned into "Somewhere My Love," an English language version of the theme with added lyrics but it was a complicated relationship. Ultimately, her version of the song in English did not chart in the United States but this Italian adaptation became her last #1 single in Italy. See

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Where I Don't Know (Laura's Theme)

Where I don't know
but one day I will see you again
and I will stop
time for us.
Where I don't know
but there will be a place
from where we
will never return.
Perhaps it will be tomorrow
or not.
Perhaps far from here
or not.
Where I don't know
I will stand before you
and I will see you
coming to meet me.
I will go with you
wherever you wish.
Where I don't know—
where I don't know—
but I will find you again.
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