Drive, Driven (إلى الاسبانية ترجم)

إلى الاسبانية ترجمالاسبانية

Conducir, Conducido

Esta noche, necesitas que mirarme en los ojos
Lo tienes, me vuelves loco
Conducir, conducido
Dio, dado
Está peligroso a quedarse
Y digo
Conducir, conducido
Dio, dado
Me traicioné
Me vuelves loco
Eres perezoso
Llamando mi nombre
Me vuelves loco
Eres perezoso
¡Quítate de mi cabeza!
Porque eres diva
Soy creyente
Porque eres diva
Soy creyente
Esta noche, necesitas que darme algunos juegos
Lo tienes, necesitas que darme algunos nombres
تم نشره بواسطة Tigerfire310Tigerfire310 في الثلاثاء, 15/01/2013 - 01:00
Added in reply to request by Valeriu RautValeriu Raut
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Here you go, tell me if there are any errors :3


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Drive, Driven

ترجمات أخرى للأغنية "Drive, Driven"
الاسبانية Tigerfire310
Valeriu RautValeriu Raut    الثلاثاء, 15/01/2013 - 06:31

Dear Tigerfire, I am affraid of tigers and of fire, but not of you!
You understand English better than I do.
This song is quite enigmatic, don’t you think?
That’s how I understand the song’s morality: it is dangerous to adore a diva because you only give; personally you do not get anything in exchange.
I cannot find spelling errors, but I have questions about the meanings.
For example, this line puzzles me: Out of my mind !
I understand it as: Get out of my mind !
Please explain me what the song wants to say when it states:
you gotta give me a number of games
you gotta give me a number of names
Or it is a just way for being more hermetic and mysterious?
Thank you Tigerfire.

Tigerfire310Tigerfire310    الأربعاء, 16/01/2013 - 01:14

Oh, 'out of my mind' can mean "crazy" or "get out", it depends. "I'm out of my mind" would be "estoy loco." If it's "get out" like you say, I'll have to change it. As for the "games/names" lines, those mean exactly what I translated them as, and so the meaning is up to you Regular smile

Valeriu RautValeriu Raut    الأربعاء, 16/01/2013 - 08:06

Muchas gracias, Tigre del Fuego.
¿O fuego del tigre?