Du er alene (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

You do are alone

Alone in your depression, looking desperate and hungry for
something which doesn't exist in this life
emotions and despair are repressed every time you recognize this
inner struggle of existentialism
the battle for self-realization is lost
Freedom exists on the other hand
The choice is in your hands
you're still trying to be understood * by your closest family member
there is no understanding,(from their part) for you. they live in a cut off world
cut off from you and your dreams. (* 1) they will never understand.
you recognize the profane truth
You're alone. You've always been alone ... you'll always be alone
the only one who has the power of life is yourself
The choice for jumping on the other side is yours (* 2)
Live in the fear of life .... live like a black sheep in the crowd ....
or find peace in the eternal dream....
the choice is yours,you do are alone with the help of your way of life(*3)
be like those you despise
instead Self-realization and liberation exist
the choice is yours
you do are alone
( i suggest you read the notes below in "author's comment" to understand the exact meanings of the phrases with asterisks)
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تعليقات الكاتب:

*it means "take acceptance from the closest family member" intended "he who must accept / understand how I feel"
*1 means "you are cut off from their world/you don't belong it"
*2 means" go into afterlife"
*3 means "you'd are alone because of your way of life, so you find yourself alone"


Du er alene

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