Ellos las prefieren gordas (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Gentlemen prefer chubbies

Ladies and gentlemen
Admire the chubbies!
Vey chubbies!
What a beautiful fatness!
Abandon the diets!
Getting fat to enjoy!
Enjoying to get fat!
Come to the mermaids parade
of well fattened bodies,
rise to the seventh heaven
Look at the fast whales,
of oiled musles
and get lost in their bodies
Chubbies, walking in the sand
imponent volume
waking up your desires
They discover intense pleasures for you
and something unique... for enjoying
Today women are so beautiful,
their desireable bodies
spread put by the sand
Take this new toy
you put it in and out!
robust and always unsteady
Legs and breast well swollen
and tight musles
around your body
And a way of rolled flesh
and of making love... so sensational
Gentlemen prefer them very chubbies
chubbies, chubbies, super chubbies,
chubbies, chubbies and tight
Baloons in the sky in thousand colours
balls for boys
that quench their fires
Cilinders rise in the sky,
his face and body tense,
glowing of desire
Skinnies are out of fashion,
because their dry flesh
taste like nothing for us
And we find again,
a non-spiritual taste... in love
Put a chubby in your life!,
and you'll find... happiness
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Ellos las prefieren gordas

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